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WW: Cheeks

14 Nov

Wordless Wednesday: Story Time

12 Sep


Wordless Wednesday: Baby Stella

15 Aug

Baby Stella has been helping us adjust to having another “person” in the car for the past few weeks.

Wordless Wednesday: Carousel

25 Jul

Wordless Wednesday: Story Time with the Red Floatie

18 Jul

Wordless Wednesday

11 Jul

I know this isn’t how the ‘true bloggers’ do Wordless Wednesday, but this is how I’m going to do it. Which basically just means none of that linking up business. It’s my blog, I make the rules. Right? :) I like the idea of something that forces me to blog every week so those family and friends that do read up on us get their fix at least weekly, and since it’s just a picture I won’t have the stress of finding time to actually sit down to write a post. Win-win. So, here’s to giving this Wordless Wednesday thing a go.