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Lakyn’s First Stories

2 Aug

Lakyn loves it when Brandon and I tell her crazy, made-up stories. I figured it would only be a matter of time before she’d start telling some of her own.

I figured right. Luckily I had my computer near me and was able to start typing while she rattled off her stories.

Enjoy, they’re gems!

“One day a little monster came running down a pasture. Then there was a little diamond that came running down the pasture. There was a huge huge monster! Rawr! And he ate the kids. Someone called for help and the pasture was empty. And somebody got them out and there were three steps up ahead and they scraped their knees. Then they walked into a house and they were happily ever after. Then end.” 


“Once upon a time, there was everyone in the world. When a huge storm came in they were all frozen in ice. They were home with Tara, and they heard a rumble and they they walked into Tara. And then they jumped into a pee potty. Then they jumped into a poopy potty and then they were all stuck. And then they turned into a queen and a prince and lived happily ever after. The end.

She’s going to hate me for posting these one day. I’ve succeeded as a mother!

In Lakyn’s Words: Telescope, Bad Moods, and Monkey Back Rides

26 Jun

We had a storm coming through, so before it rained I ran out to get the cushions off of our patio furniture (I didn’t want the wind blowing them across the yard). Lakyn followed me onto the deck and looked up at the dark clouds. In a nervous, cautious voice she says, “I have a bad mood about this…”


During some play time before bed Lakyn said she was going to be the doctor. Brandon asked her what you do to be the doctor, to which she replied, “you get your telescope and listen to your heartbeep.”


While reading books about baby animals with Brandon, Lakyn asked what “cling” meant. Pointing out the picture of a baby monkey holding on to it’s momma, he explained that it meant to hold on tightly. She says, “Like a piggy back ride….or, a monkey back ride!” We’ve got a jokester on our hands!

In Lakyn’s Words: Santa’s Beard, Cute Boots, and Feeling the Smell

28 Feb

An oldie from Christmas time, while talking to Lakyn about going to see Santa:
Me to Lakyn: Do you think Santa will be wearing red?
Lakyn: Yes, I think so.
Me: Do you think he will have a beard?
Lakyn: No, he will not drink that.
(She was obviously thinking about beer)


Brandon to Lakyn: You’re so cute.
Lakyn: No I’m not. I don’t have my cute boots on.


A week after her surgery:
Lakyn: “Momma, I can feel the smell” and proceeds to blow air through her nose. Since having her surgery, she’s finally realizing what it feels like to be able to breathe through her nose! I wish I had it on video, it was the cutest thing.

In Lakyn’s Words: Seeds

14 Jan

Holding her finger up to me: “Momma, look! A tiny seed from my eye.”

She had wiped away some sleep from the corner of her eye.

In Lakyn’s Words

7 Nov

While I was flipping through a magazine, Lakyn comes up to me and says,
“Momma, can you read this book?”
“Momma, can you read this book?”
Apparently I was pretty wrapped up in what I was reading and I didn’t respond to her.
“Afton, can you read this book?”
…..sorry kiddo. Heard ya loud and clear!


While talking to her Daddy on the phone while he’s in Iowa:
“Daddy, you’re in Iowa?”
“Next time just you and me go to Iowa. Just you and me, Daddy”
….melts my heart.


While tucking her in for bed:
Me: “Sleep well and when the sun comes out in the morning we can play.”
Lakyn: “But the sun’s not out right now.”
Me: “No, it’s not out right now because it’s night time. It’s dark outside.”
Lakyn: “It’s dark out because the sun is behind the moon?”
….I love her way of thinking!

In Lakyn’s Words

18 Oct

“Your face is messy, Daddy”.  When Brandon’s stubble is in need of a shave, she lets him know.


Lakyn comes up to me and asks, “Where’s my stinky?”
“Your what?” I ask, mind racing, praying I don’t find poop somewhere.
“Where’s my stinky?”
It took me a minute to realize she was talking about her slinky.

In Lakyn’s Words

27 Sep

“Lollipops are my favorite bestest, Mommy. Oh, and chocolate is my favorite, too.”


While playing with a new toy that has stars and the moon on it:
Me- Do you see the crescent?
Lakyn- Yeah, do you see the present, Daddy?


Whenever the volume is too quiet for Lakyn’s liking, this is how she lets us know: “It’s too whisper, Mommy”.


In Lakyn’s Words

18 Sep

While watching my brother at his football game yesterday, I took Rilyn to a different part of the stadium to shield her from the sprinkles of rain that started dropping. Lakyn stayed bundled up with my mom and she started explaining to Lakyn that I used to be a cheerleader like the girls down on the field. Lakyn starts looking around the stadium and my mom asks, “What are you looking for?”

Lakyn says, “I lost my cheerleader.”

In Lakyn’s Words

13 Sep

A long while ago

Alright, not all that long ago, when Lakyn would pretend to swim during her baths, I would pinch her little hiney and say, “Ooh, little baby booty cheeks!” and she would squirm and squeel and I would laugh.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago.

Lakyn comes up to me in the kitchen and says, “Momma, little baby booty cheek came out.”

Girlfriend had a massive wedgie, and I died laughing.

In Lakyn’s Words

1 Aug

Lakyn comes up to me and says, “Get some more strawberries?”

Me – “You want some more strawberries?”

Lakyn – “You’re smart, Momma!”

Thanks kiddo!


From putting together furniture in the baby’s room, Lakyn trips over some boxes in the hallway outside the room and says, “What’s this called, Momma? A mess?”

Guess that means I need to clean up a little bit…