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Hiccups and a Nose

26 Jul

Lakyn – “I have hiccups”

Me – “You do?”

Lakyn – “Yeah, hiccups in my mouth.”


While lying on the kitchen floor playing,

Lakyn – “Ow, Mommy. My nose hurts!”

Me – “Oh, did you bonk your nose?”

Lakyn – “Yeah, better get a new one.”

In Lakyn’s Words: Whisper

19 Jul

Last night we finally got some rain! Along with some bright lightening and loud thunder. The previous, coupled with the fact that Lakyn hasn’t been sleeping well for the past, oh, three, maybe four weeks now, means that last night was even more exhausting than the usual. But amidst the mumbling and groaning, (okay, I may have even whined a little..) and pleading¬†with God to make our child sleep for the remainder of the night, we get this little jewel…

After a loud rumble of thunder, Lakyn comes in to our bedroom and says in her sleepy little voice, “It’s too loud. Whisper.”

Apparently the thunder didn’t think it was as cute as we did, because it in fact, did not whisper. What nerve!

Miss Lakyn was very relieved to wake up this morning and find that the storm had passed. The first thing she says? “It’s not raining, not thundering. I don’t need to be scared.”


In Lakyn’s Words

10 Jul

Lakyn has a pink toy horse that sings a song when you press it’s ear. The song goes, “I’m a little pony, klippity klop, klippity klop.” Lakyn sings the song like this, “I’m a little pony, chickily chop, chickily chop.”


Upon suddenly waking from a nap in the car, Lakyn is frantic and worried saying, “What’s wrong, Momma? What’s wrong?” She keeps repeating it and I’m trying to hold back my laughter because the urgency in her voice at this point is beyond hilarious. Trying my best to figure out what she’s so concerned about I ask, “What’s the matter, Lakyn?”

She yells, “It dripped! It’s dripping!” while wiping her chin. There was no containing my laughter now. Welcome to falling asleep in the car, drool and all, kiddo!


While playing dress-up I ask, “Oh, are you a pretty princess?” Lakyn says very matter-of-factly, “No, Momma, I’m Lakyn.”


Whenever we ask Lakyn what we should name her baby sister, she always replies, without fail, “An Egg”.