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Mini Vacation

29 Sep

Tonight (Thursday Sept. 29, 2011) we’re leaving to see…..

Lakyn with her Godmother Katie

and of course to go here….


We’re gonna see…

desert dome


and some of these…


and maybe one of these…



We’re so excited for this trip to see Katie and to take Lakyn to the zoo. Plus, this will have some sentimental value to it since this is where Brandon and I took our first trip together. But, you know, that was eons ago! Look out Omaha, here we come!

Favorites from the Weekend

15 Sep

Whew! We’ve had a busy couple of weeks and I feel like I haven’t been on this here blog in years. I’ll skip all the details, and just hit on the highlights; a few of my favorites.

-I absolutely love this peanut butter and jelly face!


messy, but at least she's eating

-Every morning as I walk into Lakyn’s room to get her out of her crib, I say, “Hi Sweetie”. Lately, she’s been beating me to the punch. As soon as I open her door she greets me with a “Hi Seetie” and I must say that it starts the day off right!

-Randomly Lakyn will say, “happy”. She’ll walk around the house with her Pinky and I’ll hear her say it, or while she’s coloring, or brushing her teeth, or she’ll come up to me and say it and smile her huge beautiful smile. It melts my heart, and I love that such simple things make her happy (ie, brushing her teeth).

telling me she's happy

-I’m thankful for our great friends Kristin and Pat. They were so gracious to offer us their house while we were in Lawrence over the weekend. It was a huge help, as it cut out driving back and forth Friday and Saturday for wedding festivities. We just wish they weren’t out of town at the same time we were staying there. We miss hanging out with these friends! Lucky for Miss Lakyn and I though, they have a small park across the street from their house. We spent some time there while Daddy was gone for his groomsman duties. She loved the slide!



all by herself


so fun!

Momma doesn't like where this is going, but I kept taking pics anyway. Toughen them up, right?

...and this is what happens when momma doesn't stop taking pictures. I felt so bad. But I will have you know that there were no tears involved. She got right back up, dusted off her hands, and said, "again!" That's my girl!

-I love that the three of us slow danced together at the wedding. It was such a special moment.

-I also love spur of the moment lunch dates with Gamma and Gampa Streets and Uncle Garrett. Lakyn and I had lunch with them in Lawrence on Saturday before the wedding.

sharing fries

playing peek-a-boo in the mirror

walking with Gamma

family picture. goodness gracious my little brother is growing up so fast. *tear*

-I absolutely L-O-V-E it when my lil’ punkin gets to see both sets of her grandparents in the same day! Gamma and Gampa Ratzlaff were guests at the wedding! I was also thankful for the extra help since Brandon was in the wedding.

-While doing laundry, Lakyn picked up one of my bras and proceeded to wrap it around herself. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, “belt.” I busted up laughing! This girl is hilarious. She’s kinda right you know. It is pretty much a belt!

-At church, Lakyn loves standing on the air vents. She loves the cold air blowing. This past Sunday, she decided she’d try sitting on the vents. (Luckily the air vents are along the side walls so she can do this without bothering anyone.) She sat on one and let out a little giggle, got up, and sat on another one. Repeat about twenty times. She had on a really cute dress from Old Navy (on clearance for 8 dollars, thank you!) and whenever she stood over a vent, she pulled a Marilyn Monroe. The dress would poof up and she’d giggle. It was mighty cute, but don’t just take my word for it. Several of the church-goers told me so!

-Also at church Sunday morning, Lakyn decided to announce that she was tooting, and not in an inside voice, either. We hear “toot” plain as day and Brandon and I share that combined look of shear embarrassment and stifled laughter. And of course it was during a quiet moment. After a couple minutes we regain our composure and I stop wondering who all is staring. Then we hear “tooting” followed by some tooting. I love how matter-of-fact she is. None of the church-goers commented on this.

I’m throwing in a few Bummers, because I can.

-Not getting any pictures of Lakyn and her Gamma and Gampa Ratzlaff while at the wedding. Makes me sad.

-Going through the trouble of making my hair look like exhibit a, to have it end up like exhibit b. But it was raining and I knew it would be a hot mess if I left it down. Darn humidity.

exhibit a

exhibit b

-Getting blocked in a parking lot by a million high school bands for 40 minutes. Apparently there was a parade in Lawrence and the starting point was right by the parking lot I was parked in. It was lovely. Just lovely.


Currently, I’m watching Lakyn run around in jeans and a “fall” top. I’m smelling my pumpkin pie candle and drinking a cup of hot tea (if you thought I was going to say coffee, you obviously don’t know me very well and we need to fix this problem asap). The windows are open and it’s still cool enough in the house to comfortably wear a sweater. The neighbor’s tree has some leaves that are now yellow, and a couple that are orange. I’m craving soup. Hot, delicious, good for the soul, soup. With bread. A big hunk of warm, fresh bread. Preferably sourdough.

Fall must be here! Finally! :)

such a happy kid

fall outfits are the best




First Game of the Season

4 Sep

one of my favorite images. ever.

I’ve been looking forward to today since the end of basketball season. I’m gonna say it, so brace yourself. Football season is the most wonderful time of the year. I love what it brings. Rivalry after a long break, cooler weather, changing leaves, something to look forward to every week. I could really go on, but I’ll spare you. Just know that I love me some football. Specifically college football. More specifically, Kansas State University football.

I’m a proud alumnus, even in our team’s low points. We’ve had our fair share and after tonight’s game I’m pretty sure I can say that we’ll have a few more, but I’m a loyal fan and I’ll stand by their side. For better or for worse. You know, like marriage. I love my Cats!

doodle work

Since we had Lakyn we gave up our luxury of season tickets to the football games. We felt it was the best thing for us to do. But, that’s not to say she’s never been to a football game. In fact, she’s been to a few!

with my friend Tylie and Lakyn's friend Saffryn at a game in 2009

tailgating before the game. my shirt says 'Future Wildcat' with an arrow pointing to the baby bump!

*This is my friend Tylie. She’s got two adorable little cuties and she’s one fab momma!*

Tonight’s first game of the season brought with it the usual excitement of a new season, the usual pride of watching our team take the field, and the usual quality time spent with fellow Wildcats. While our Game Days don’t consist of tailgating, sitting in the stadium through pregame warmups, or singing the Fight Song with 50,000 plus, I still love them with all my heart. Here’s what Game Days look like now.

We get decked out in some purple, y’all!

purple from head to toe

We (and I really mean Brandon) did some grilling in between the rain showers.



We do a little playing.

playing in the puddles

little wildcat

I don’t know how my husband consistently whips up amazing burgers, but I’m so SO thankful!

get in my belly

brandon's beverage

my life source

We ate, watched the game, and even had some surprise visitors!

i miss being in this sea of purple


game time cuddle time

Our Wildcats ended up with the all-important ‘W’ and we concluded our lovely family day with some bedtime stories.

story time means cuddle time

daddy-daughter love

lakyn's cross and guardian angel icon

kissing her cross night-night

"momma's turn"

"daddy's turn"

night-night time

It was a wonderful Game Day. Good night all.


New Recipe Challenge

1 Sep

*This post does not contain pictures. Please don’t cry. It would make me very sad, and I promise to make up for it next time.*

In my last post I mentioned that I was making a new recipe and that I would explain more about that in a future post. Oh! Why, hello Future!

A few months ago, I noticed I was in a rut when it came to making dinner. I felt like we were having the same things repeatedly (my wonderful Husband never complained) and I really dreaded making dinner. The latter was unusual for me. I love to cook! To combat the chokehold the dinner rut had on me I decided I would challenge myself. Why not make it a little more interesting, eh? So here it is. Brace yourself; it’s a doozy!

Once  a week I find a new recipe and I make it for dinner.

Blows the mind, doesn’t it? ;)

Seriously though, I’ve found it’s helped. I even enjoy planning out our weekly menu (I actually plan a week and a half) because I get to search for our next new meal and because I have a growing selection to choose from now. I find something new I think my fam would enjoy, make it, and add the recipe to my book if it’s a winner. Simple enough.

Just thought I’d share with you my fix for the dinner time blues. Maybe it might help you sometime, too.

P.S. I have a date with a girl friend tonight. It’s Momma’s Night Out! These evenings don’t come around very often, but man am I glad when they do! I’ve got to finish whipping up some snacks for tonight and making sure there aren’t any hidden snacks between the couch cushions or puzzle pieces located where they don’t belong (kitchen cabinets, shoes, toilet, my purse).

P.S.S. My favorite time of year starts THIS Saturday!!! It’s college football season, baby! And you betcha this little Wildcat family will be decked out in overwhelming amounts of purple! A-Waa-hoo!