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A True Blessing

12 Nov


I’m not sure if it’s the time of year, or that she’s turning two soon, but lately I can’t help but sit and stare at Lakyn. I knew my life would completely change once she was born and I knew that I was going to love her. No doubt in my  mind. But no one could have put into words just how much, how strongly, how deeply, how differently I would love her, or that all of those feelings would intensify greatly with each passing day. You just can’t. It’s not possible to explain something like that. It’s something you feel, and man, do I!


I’ll be sitting next to her on the floor reading books, or watching her flip through the pages herself, talking about what she’s seeing, and I’ll randomly be so overcome by this feeling of love that I’ll start to get all choked up and teary eyed. After I breathe, the lump in my throat disappears and my vision isn’t quite so hazy, I think to myself, “I get to be her momma for the rest of my life. God chose Brandon and me to be her parents. He chose us for her.”…and then all those previous symptoms come rushing back. What an incredible blessing she is to me and her daddy!


Everything about this girl amazes me. Her personality has really come out in the last few months. She gives this little ornery sideways glance that just makes me die every time. I love that she’s recently taken to walking on her tip-toes, everywhere.  She randomly asks to watch football on tv; this is how we know she’s definitely our kid! She also loves spinning in circles and she’ll do it just about anywhere. Reading books, singing songs, and putting together puzzles are a few of her favorite things. It’s amazing how much she picks up on in just a short amount of time. She remembers lines from songs that she’s only heard a couple of times, and I absolutely love hearing her sing “G-us (Jesus), this I know” from Jesus Loves Me. She can put a puzzle together in no-time, and she knows all of her letters, most of her shapes (circle, heart, star, diamond, oval, triangle, and rectangle), most of her colors, and most numbers 1-10. In a couple years, she’ll be smarter than me! It melts my heart when she giggles, stops to say “funny”, then starts giggling again, and she loves to swim in the bathtub. She’s also starting to hold conversations with us, recalling events from earlier in the day and you just have to hear her tell you “nope”. Yep. I’m one of those “moms”. The ones that think every. little. thing. their child does is the most incredible/adorable. thing. ever. Hello, my name is Afton. Nice to meet you!



I can’t help it. I’m so proud of this little girl. I’m so proud of everything she does. She’s my beautiful little baby, my sunshine, my world. I could keep going, but I’ll spare you the millions of things I could say. Instead, you can reread the poem up above. I seriously love it; it might be finding it’s way into Lakyn’s room soon.




And you can bet your bottom dollar that if I get all choked up and teary-eyed just watching her read her books, I bawl my eyes out when I watch this. I’m talking full on “ugly cry”.  Again, I can’t help it. I’m her Momma.

L’s 18 month Pictures

12 Nov

Those baby blues

Yes, I’m posting these pictures about three months late. Who wants to know? No, I know I’ve been terrible about posts lately. There are a lot of events that will probably never  make it on here. But hey, I figure if I do get a post written, even if it’s three months after-the-fact, it’s still a “win”, right? Of course it is, because I say so. And I make the rules around here!

Regardless, here are some of Lakyn’s 18 months pictures we took. Yep, we. And when I say we, I completely mean Brandon. He’s got the photography skills in his genes, afterall. And plus, photography is expensive, y’all. So we picked up the Canon and went out to a park nearby (and when I say nearby, I really mean 35 minutes away) to snap a few of our little model. For doing them ourselves, I’m happy with the outcome, but before we attempt to be the professionals again, I think it might be best for the Hubs and I to take a photography class. It’d be like our college days when we took our Appreciation of Architecture class together. Bet you can’t guess who my study partner was? Oh, the memories!

Oh, and fyi, these pictures haven’t been edited or “fixed” yet, so if the coloring is off, or there’s a touch-up needed and it’s just driving you nuts, I’m sorry!

Feeding the ducks






I love that this picture captures how baby-fine her hair is.


This isn't one of her "18 month pictures", but we met this dog while taking them. The girl loves her dogs.

Walking with Willy.




Hahaha! She was so focused on a couple on a date nearby.

A favorite



A favorite



More precious


It’s really hard for me to believe these were taken three months ago. She’s growing entirely too fast.

Omaha Vacation and Picture Dump

9 Nov

*I wrote this about a month ago, and just now got the pictures figured out to put in here. Ridiculous, I know! Without further ado…

Token zoo statue picture

Vacations are wonderful, aren’t they? They mean time set aside for just family, you don’t have to worry about work, and you can eat whatever you want! Wait, what? Don’t you give yourself a ‘free pass’ to eat whatever junk food is laying around when you’re on vacation? Just me? Well, I don’t do that. I was kidding.

The girl loves slides

I love this little girl

We left Thursday evening for Omaha, and after what felt like hourssss (that’s hours with multiple s’s), we made it to Katie’s house around 10:30 in the pm. Lakyn’s at that point in her life when she hates being in her carseat for long periods of time. That and the fact that every highway we traveled was under construction means we may never travel again….I kid, I kid!

Kisses for Charlie


Brandon still had to work Friday, so us girls had a lovely Girl’s Day! We went shopping, met Brandon for lunch on the patio of a cute little eatery/bakery, Lakyn had an afternoon nap (while Katie and I watched FRIENDS), took Charlie the dog for a walk, and played at the park. For dinner we made grilled pizzas. I wish I had taken pictures of our creations. They were yummy! After we put Lakyn to bed, us grownups had a glass of wine before heading that direction ourselves. Yeah, so what if it was early? We had to get up early the next morning for the zoo!!

She wasn't sure about sitting on this "branch"

Looking at some birdies with Daddy


Blowing kisses to the giraffes

This picture makes me smile

This penguin loved Lakyn. LOVED.

I used to think these bubble things were way cool when I was younger. Not so much now.

Crazy curls/borderline mullet

"Big fishy!"

Katie and Lakyn watching some sharks


I was really excited to take Lakyn to the zoo. She’s at that age where she’s really interested in animals and I figured she’d love it. I figured right, but I think she’s going to love it even more next year! She was so fun to watch. Her favorites were the giraffe, the monkeys (every kind of monkey), the butterflies, and the train. Yup, the ‘choo-choo’ may have been the girl’s favorite thing there! She was exhausted when we left and fell asleep on the way back to Katie’s house.

I don't remember what we were looking at!

I don't know why my husband listened to me when I insisted we'd need the stroller. Miss Independent.




Double Sweetness


Momma and Baby - Momma Monkey and Baby Monkey

Blowing kisses to the otters

Tired baby

We planned on leaving Sunday late morning, or early afternoon, but while we were visiting Katie got notice that her husband would be returning from his military leave earlier than expected. He was getting in at 9:30 Saturday night. How exciting for her! We really wanted to give them time together, so we decided to head out a bit earlier. We packed up and headed out (with a new route to take home) and pulled into our driveway at 12:20 in the wee morning hours. We had to stop once to soothe the screaming child in the backseat, but she did end up sleeping the rest of the way home (about an hour and a half).

Treats for Charlie

Charlie was so good with Lakyn

We had a wonderful mini vacay and we want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Katie. She made everything feel like home for us. We’re sad we live as far away as we do, but we’re so glad she lives in a cool place that lends itself so perfectly to family-friendly getaways. We miss you already, Katie, and we may or may not be planning our next trip already!

Getting Katie's mail


Now back to reality.




Dad’s 50th

7 Nov

Saturday night we (my mom, brother, and I) pulled off a surprise party for my dad’s 50th birthday. His actual birthday was a few weeks ago, so holding the party afterward helped up the shock/surprise factor. Dad says he had no idea, and that goes down as a “win” for us. My mom did a wonderful job putting everything together, sneaking behind dad’s back, and coming up with great fake stories/reasons/events to get out of the house to prep and to actually get Dad out of the house to the party. She’s a clever lady, and not 10 minutes in to the party, came clean with all those “lies” she’s been holding in. I’m pretty sure it was because it bothered her so much not telling him everything, and partly because she was so proud she pulled one over on him.

I give the three of us “mad props” for not slipping up even once and for all our work. It ended up being a good time with music, food, drinks, and close friends, some that haven’t been seen for a while, and a time to reflect on how great a guy Dad is, even if he is an “elder” now! Best part of the night was watching Mom and Dad dance, and listening to everyone’s wonderful memories they’ve shared with him. Below are a few pictures from the evening.



"Happy Birthday"


The shirt Dad's coworkers made and all wore to the party. Everyone signed a copy for him.


Opening a gift from a friend


Mom and Dad


Garrett and family friend, Mark


The Big 5-OH!




Lakyn with Grandpa and Grandma


Dad's cake. It was a lot of fun to make!


I loved making these cupcakes, too!


A close-up of the handmade cupcake picks. Scrapbook paper, stamps, hot glue, and toothpicks. I did the same for the "Happy Birthday" on the cake, but used lollipop sticks instead of toothpicks. I think they turned out great.


Happy Birthday, Dad!