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Seven Years

16 Dec

The first picture we ever took together

Seven years ago today, I was wrapping up my first semester of my sophomore year of college. Seven years ago today, I started dating my best friend, my true love. And then two and a half weeks later, I walked in to a full house and met almost his entire family. Seriously, there were like 30 people in that house! It’s amazing I didn’t run away screaming! I kid, I  kid. I loved getting to meet his family then and I still love getting to hang out with them today!



Manhattan's streets are infamous for flooding when it rains. We raced forks down the street one day. I won. Once.


These seven years have been beautiful. In these seven years I’ve come to learn that what I thought was love and what I thought a relationship should be like, were both completely wrong. I figured out what love really was. I found out that it is much more beautiful, pure, deep than what I originally thought, and not at all one-sided like I had previously experienced.  I learned that a relationship is a two-way street, where both parties involved give and take. Compromise. I learned what it felt like to be loved unconditionally, selflessly, by the one you love unconditionally and selflessly. I learned what it felt like to smile and breathe, instead of cry.

The night he proposed in Chicago




I learned more about who I truly was.

Honeymoon in Fiji

I learned how to laugh at myself.


I learned how to trust again.

Future Wildcat!


And it was all thanks to the Hubs. And his patience.

I was exhausted.

To think it all started with him asking, “So, you wanna hook up or something?” I still like to make fun of him for choosing to phrase it this way. What he meant to ask was, “Afton, will you be my girlfriend?”, but his ultra-cool attitude got in the way! I made him ask me again.  I think I said something to the effect of, “Let’s try that again.”  Thus, our story was born. *Side note: it was a running joke throughout our dating years that he was going to propose by saying, “So you wanna get hitched or something?” Thankfully that’s not how it went down!

First day at home

I seriously love this man! He makes me laugh, knows exactly what to say to make me smile when I’m down, or calm me when I’m stressing out. He encourages all my crazy ideas and strives to provide his family with the best. There’s no one I’d rather spend my time with; he’s my best friend.

A K-State Proud Family

And he’s such an amazing father! Lakyn and I are truly blessed with such a wonderful man in our lives.


Our trip to New York

I wouldn’t trade any part of these seven years for anything.

I love you, B!


My Crafty Side: A Jewelry Board

14 Dec

Yeah, it (my crafty side) comes out every once in a blue moon. Like the time I thought I could actually make/complete a scrapbook of Lakyn’s first year in time for her first birthday party. It’s currently sitting downstairs with only about 15 pages done and I have a box full of photos just waiting for me to cut them up and glue them together to make something pretty. She’ll be two next month. Major ‘mom fail’. What happened to my motivation for that?!

Anyway, I actually found time to make something a few weeks ago. I enjoyed finding all the materials, coming up with a game plan, and making executive decisions about what worked and what didn’t. I think I did anyway. I just don’t know if I’m the crafty type. I did like the ease of the glue gun, although the fingerprint of my right ring finger will forever be altered. They call it hot glue for a reason, peeps.

I decided (a long long time ago) that my small 6×6 wood box wasn’t cut out for holding my jewelry. I did not look forward to searching for the piece of jewelry I needed, or untangling about 4 different things in order to get it free. So you know what ended up happening? I didn’t wear any. Ever. And sometimes an outfit just needs some flair, so sometimes I straight up looked a-fool!

It was time for a change and thanks to this tutorial, (I obviously didn’t follow it exactly) I was able to find something that worked for me and make it mine. I’m not a jewelry box person, so I love how everything is out in the open for me to see, AND I can add more hooks when needed! I really like the pop of color it adds to our bathroom (one of only two rooms we still haven’t touched since moving in 2 years ago), even though my designer husband insisted that I should have gone with a solid background. I told him to make his own jewelry board; he didn’t respond.

Bottom line, it was simple, it works for me, and I love it. And that’s all that matters, folks.



The only downside for me is that I now realize I need to go shopping for some more/cuter necklaces, bracelets and earrings!


Beef and Cheese Empanadas

6 Dec


Hello, my name is Afton, and I’m a terrible blogger. I seriously need to join Blogging Help Anonymous.  BHA. Is that a real thing? Can that be a real thing? Please?

Now that I have a couple minutes, how bout a new recipe? I found this one courtesy of my Kraft Food magazine. The actual recipe calls for chicken, instead of beef, but I used what I had on hand people and the Hubs said he thinks he actually likes the beef better. Score!

We (even Lakyn) really liked this recipe. The crust is light and flaky, it didn’t take too long to prepare, plus, I made another batch to keep in the freezer for quick lunches or those busy dinner nights. I LOVE recipes I can do that with!

Since I didn’t take any pictures while I was making them, I’ve linked up with the recipe on their site. Bonus: it has a video! Remember that theirs uses chicken, but seriously, use whatever  you fancy.

I can’t wait til Miss L gets bigger and starts helping me in the kitchen. I have a feeling she’ll love rolling the dough and filling the empanadas with me, and who could forget about the ‘crimping’ part?

Enjoy ya’ll!