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25 Jan

We’ve had a bumpy week around here. Lakyn and I both are struggling to fight off whatever germs and bacteria has snuggled into our bodies to make a home for themselves. Somehow, Brandon has gotten by without so much as a sneeze. Lucky.

Turns out Lakyn has a sinus infection and could have possibly had a small ear infection. We ended up having to cancel her birthday party that was scheduled for this past Sunday. It was a hard decision, but the right one to make. We’ve rescheduled her birthday party for Feb. 18, and we hope that our friends and family will be able to make it to help celebrate this little’s sweetie’s b-day!

I have no idea what I have. A lot of congestion, a junky cough, headaches, I’m extremely tired, and between Lakyn and I we go through a box of kleenex in about two days. The fatigue could be the pregnancy, though. It’s really a bummer to get sick while pregnant, due to the fact that you already feel awful and then your medication options are very limited. I’m hoping this yucky stuff passes soon. I’d really like to be able to sleep again, to breathe again, and to be able to get a sentence out without hacking up my left lung. Sorry for the visual.

Here’s to resting, eating more soup, and slathering our chapped sore noses with lotion.

She’s Two!

20 Jan

Our Dearest, Sweetest Lakyn,

It’s so very hard to believe that you’re two years old today. I remember holding your tiny little body, giving your tiny, chubby little cheeks kisses and trying to imagine what you’d be like as a toddler. What our life would be like at this time as a family of three. Although I knew it would be amazing, I never could have imagined just how wonderful these two years could be.

You’ve taught your Daddy and me so much in a short amount of time. You’ve taught us all about patience, that kisses and “big squeezes” make most everything better, that nothing quite compares to seeing your smile and hearing your laugh. You’ve taught us what it feels like to carry our hearts outside of our bodies, and that we don’t have the answers to nearly all the questions we thought we did. But your Daddy and I make a pretty good team, so we’re okay!

We love your excitement for life and your thirst for knowledge, and your compassion and concern for others (and often things) melts this Momma’s heart. You’re such a beautiful little girl. And you’re hilarious! We don’t know where you come up with half the things you say, but we’re sure thankful for the laughs. We are so blessed to be your parents.

Happy Birthday Big Girl! We love you to the moon and back!

Momma and Daddy


Some Things About Lakyn at 24 months:

-You weigh 25.6 pounds and are 33 inches tall. (If the old wives tale holds true you’ll be 5’6″ as an adult. Just like Momma!)

-You are the master of puzzles. You can put a 24 piece puzzle together in no time. You must have inherited this gene from your grandmothers.

-You LOVE reading books. You read all day long. You ask to read books right after you wake up, I often find you in your tent reading throughout the day, you want to bring the books with you to the table while you eat, and we end our bedtime routine with at least 3 books every night. You love them so much you’ve started asking to sleep with them in your bed. Sometimes when we check on you at night, you’ll be asleep, laying across an open book. Momma doesn’t see how that can be comfortable, but you don’t seem to mind! My favorite thing is to watch you read them yourself. You have so many of them memorized and when you get to the end you say, “The end. Read again.” every time!

-You request the same three songs, in the same order, every night before bed. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves Me, and You Are My Sunshine.

-You love to pray before we eat.

-You would live off of fruit snacks and milk if we’d let you. Getting you to eat veggies and meats has been a constant struggle lately.

-When Dora the Explorer is on tv, good luck to anyone trying to get your attention.

-You love to sit on the couch and snuggle.

-Whenever you get an owie, you instantly ask for kisses. Momma’s had an owie on her hand for about a week now and you kiss it for me every day.

-You’re terrified of band-aids. We even got you Dora ones thinking it would help. You’d carry them around all day, but when it actually came time to put one on you, you FREAKED out. (Paper cut. It took forever to stop bleeding.)

-You can count to 14, but then 15 trips you up. You say “five-teen”. Totally makes sense.

-Your face lights up when Daddy “gets home” from work. You love love love your Daddy. I don’t blame you!

-You know all your letters and sounds, shapes, and colors.

-You still do your “Go Lakyn” dance when you’re excited or happy about something.

Get it girl!

Donut face

Happy Birthday, Punkin! We love you!



15 Jan

I’ve been struggling to come up with the menu for Lakyn’s birthday this weekend. I just asked her what food she’d like to have at her party and she matter-of-factly tells me pizza.

The kid is definitely mine.

Christmas 2011

11 Jan


For some reason, I really struggled with it not feeling like Christmas this year. As I’m sitting here typing that sentence I ask myself, “So then what does Christmas¬†feel¬†like”? And I can’t answer that question right now. I don’t know what it feels like, I just know I didn’t feel like it felt like Christmas. Maybe it was because it didn’t snow. Or because we didn’t have any Christmas parties to go to this year. Or maybe because it was unusually warm and sunny for a Dec. 25 day. Yep, I bet it was that! BUT, I do know that even though it didn’t necessarily feel like what I thought it should have, we made the best of it.

Christmas Eve, Brandon and I exchanged our gifts with one another. It’s been our tradition now that we do our gifts on Christmas Eve, in front of the tree and fireplace, just the two of us. It’s one of the best traditions we’ve started. He once again spoiled me, but lets face it, I spoiled him too. He’s had his eye on a Kindle Touch for a while now, and that’s what was wrapped and waiting under the tree for him! We allowed Lakyn to be our alarm clock Christmas morning, which turned out to be a fabulous idea since we had our Christmas Eve service at church the night before. We didn’t get home til midnight and Lakyn went to bed shortly after. Would you know she stayed awake during the entire thing? Her normal bedtime is btw 8-8:30. I’m telling you, the kid will not sleep anywhere except for her bed! It makes times a little challenging every now and then. She woke up around 9:30 Christmas morning and we went downstairs all in our pj’s. The fireplace was quickly started, and the holiday tunes were turned on. We told Lakyn she could finally open her presents under the tree today! She’s did so well with not touching them this whole time. After we opened gifts and stockings we had a Christmas brunch that I made for us, then packed up our things to head to Topeka to visit with my family for the holiday.

Lakyn’s spoiled, beyond measure and ended up scoring some great loot to take back home with us. Brandon and I made it out with some fabulous goodies as well. Thanks again Mom and Dad for my sewing machine! The best part was just being with family, though. And of course mom’s Christmas dinner. Ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, cherry pie and pumpkin pie. Yep, my mouth is watering. Seriously so good! The rest of the time was spent lounging around, watching football, playing card games, playing with new Christmas toys, eating more yummy food, and there was even a date night for Brandon and I! It may have only been a couple hours, but it was great!

We came back home Tuesday evening and enjoyed a few days around the house. Lakyn and I also loved getting to spend some extra time with Brandon since he had Thursday and Friday off work (days off are rare for him). I had several ideas of activities to fill our quality time, but none of them actually unfolded. Brandon’s parents and one of his sisters made their way to our neck of the woods Friday evening (B’s brother and his wife and daughter joined us on Saturday!) and were here until Monday. In total there were 8 kids in the house and who wouldn’t love to be around that?! There was lots of food, and lots of laughter courtesy of Wii’s Just Dance. Imagine grown men, imagine grandparents, imagine children ages 5-17, and imagine pretty, athletic, rhythm-making superstar moms (myself excluded) dancing the night away. Very humorous, and if my life wouldn’t be threatened I’d upload some of the videos of these happenings for your viewing pleasure. But alas, your imagination will just have to do! We had a wonderful time ringing in the new year and loved getting to spend so much time with everyone!








Baby Stella


Option A

...and B

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas this year, and we wish you a Happy New Year!