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Little Bit Bit: Week 22

23 Apr

I feel like time is flying by and so desperately wish that I could press the pause button. I hit that point this week where I feel like the ‘To-Do’ List is a mile long and we only have a few short months to get everything completed. Top that frantic stress with no time to accomplish anything on said list, and you’ve got one frazzled momma.

I can list the things we’ve gotten done on one hand. Three fingers actually. 1)We’re slowly creating a name list with options we like. 2) We bought Bit Bit’s coming home outfit. 3) Just last night we nailed down the nursery color theme.

And that’s all, folks. That’s all we’ve done, but the Husband promises that things will start moving soon. I feel like everything is mainly at a standstill due to the nursery currently being used as Lakyn’s playroom. You can’t see the floor in that room. All of it’s contents need to be moved to the basement and/or storage room in order to make any progress. And the storage room is currently filled to capacity. See the dilemma? This weekend, though, I’m tackling that storage room. It’s not going to know what hit it.

We’re now able to see my stomach move when Bit Bit is moving! For someone so tiny, she sure packs a punch (or kick). I’m kind of scared to imagine what those movements are going to feel like in a few weeks!

I’m still taking my nausea medicine. I went a whole day without taking it a couple weeks ago and then ended up throwing up the next day. I’ve tried not taking it in the mornings when I wake up and sometimes I can make it until about 10:30, but then it hits me again. I’m currently taking half a pill in the morning and then I’m good to go for the rest of the day. That’s what I was doing with Lakyn until the day I had her. I’m really hoping I won’t have to continue taking it, but I’ve only got about 6 pills left so I suppose we’ll see soon enough.

Now, about that pause button, if anyone figures out how to make one of those, could you help a sister out? Mmmkthanks!

How far along? 22 Weeks, 2 Days
Total weight gain/loss: 6 pounds
Maternity clothes? I’m trying to hold out as long as I can, but the weather is making it a little difficult. 
Stretch marks?No new ones yet
Sleep: It’s getting better. Sleeping on my side is becoming more comfortable.
Best moment this week: Seeing my stomach move!
Miss Anything? I miss not having to think twice about I wear. “Will it be long enough, will it be too tight?” 
Movement: All. The. Time. She’s going to be strong like her sister.
Food cravings: Sweets. And I could go for a bowl of mashed potatoes at any given second.
Anything making you queasy or sick: The thought of fondue. :(
Gender: Girl
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but add a whopping dose of ‘stress’ on top of that.
Looking forward to: Making progress on the nursery.

It’s Over, American Idol!

19 Apr

Yes, I’m about to write about a reality tv show. Yes, I’m fully aware this post is childish. So be it.

Do you ever get so upset that you just want to yell and shout from the rooftop, or from the deck, heck, from the front door? No? Just me? Oh. Well, sometimes that’s what I feel like doing, okay? And since I’m pregnant, it’s magnified ten thousand times. And even though I know all the yelling and fist shaking and foot stomping won’t change a darn thing, I still feel like doing it anyway. That’s me.

While I don’t have these urges often, they do come around. Mainly during sporting events, but occasionally  during other things as well. Tonight was one of those occasions.

There’s this little show called American Idol. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Well, Idol and I, we go way back. And we have a Love-Hate relationship. I both love it and hate it. Being well aware of this fact, and growing increasingly annoyed with the show, I stopped watching a few years ago. This year I decided to give our on-again-off-again relationship another try. I should have known what would happen. History repeats itself, you know.

You see, I fell in love. With the show again, and with a certain contestant’s voice. An uber talented contestant’s voice. I started looking forward to Wednesday nights, and started feeling that nervous excitement creep its way back into my Thursday evenings. Ridiculous, I know. I’m 27 years old. Not 14. But I loved listening to this kid sing. I couldn’t help it. If I blame it on the pregnancy can we still be friends?

His name is Colton, and he’s amazing. Have I said that already? It has nothing to do with his clothes, or his hair, or his looks. It has everything to do with his voice, his vision for himself, and the fact that he plays the piano. While singing.

He delivered an amazing performance every week. I honestly can’t pick a favorite. Maybe this one, or this one, or this one. No, maybe this one. I can’t choose. Not once was he in the bottom three. Until tonight.

And tonight he was sent home. In 7th place. SEVENTH!!!!! Whaaaaaa??????

I just don’t get it, but I should have known. Remember that thing about history? This is what I hate about the show. It always happens; America always gets it wrong. We are so totally off-again!

So yes, I was left foot-stomping-shouting-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-mad after tonight’s results show. Did I do either of those things? No, but I did glare at my tv, and I did mutter under my breath about hating America and this show. But like I said, it happens every time. (Except for the year David Cook won. I loved America that year!) Like Season 5 winner, Taylor Hicks? What in the WORLD, America?And remember Jennifer Hudson?  Season 3 contestant? Didn’t she go on to win an Academy Award and a Grammy? And have a crazy-successful music career? Why yes, yes she did. But she didn’t win American Idol.

She came in 7th place.

So, here’s to you Colton.

Little Bit Bit: Week 20

12 Apr

Before I get into the 20 week facts and goodness, I’ve had some questions about Bit Bit’s gender reveal video we put together, so I want to say a few things.

1. Yes, we told everyone the sonogram wasn’t until Thursday, April 5. Yes, I lied. Please forgive me. Here’s why…our sonogram was actually scheduled for last Thursday (March 29). Our appointment was in the morning, but that afternoon Brandon would be jumping on a plane to head to San Fran. We decided that we weren’t going to tell anyone until he got back home. Realizing that I wouldn’t be able to keep mum while all by myself, I told everyone our appointment wasn’t until after Brandon returned that way I wouldn’t have to worry about the masses of people asking me. Am I forgiven? Pwetty pwease?

2. We didn’t find out the sex during our sonogram. While seeing Bit Bit was an amazing moment, I wanted something a little more personal for when/how we found out. Our wonderful sonogram technician put the results and the pictures in a card I had made, sealed the envelope, and sent our happy little family on our way. We decided to open the card together, the three of us, while having a picnic at a park before dropping Brandon off at the airport. So to be clear, the video is of us finding out.

3. We put the first part of the video together a few days ago. I saw the idea on the internets, but we tweaked it to make it our own.

4. The song is by Frances England. We have hopes that it’ll be special for Lakyn and Bit Bit as their relationship grows.

5. I’m still in shock with how well Lakyn did in the video. We didn’t plan/practice anything, as most of you know you can’t do with a toddler. Everything she says/does is of her own doing.

Now that I’ve kept you waiting long enough, here’s the video in case you missed it the first time. Or in case you just want to watch it again. Go ahead. I know you do!

I should have known that Bit Bit was a girl. Should have known. Everything was so similar to my pregnancy with Lakyn: the nausea, the skin, the cravings. AND, Lakyn told us all along it was a girl. DUH!

We couldn’t be happier! We’re so excited to introduce Lakyn to her sister. To have two beautiful little girls running around the house. To hear whispering and giggling as they play together. To watch their sisterly bond develop and grow.

I am not looking forward to the cat fights. But that comes with every sibling relationship, right? That’s what I’m going to tell myself.

Regardless, we’re all excited and can’t wait to meet “Little Sister” as Lakyn lovingly calls her!

You ever look at a picture of yourself and go, “Whoa!” I feel like I look so much bigger in this picture than I really am. Maybe it’s the shirt. Maybe it’s that I just ate dinner. Maybe it’s the hand placement. Maybe it’s the shadow. Maybe I just have no idea what I really look like!

How far along? 20 Weeks, 5 Days. Can’t wait to finally start getting some shape to my belly. I still just look fat to people.
Total weight gain/loss: +4 pounds total
Stretch marks? Not yet
Sleep: Still so hard to sleep on my side. Much harder with Bit Bit than it ever was with Lakyn.
Best moment this week: Seeing and finding out that Bit Bit is a girl & hearing that all is healthy and good!
Miss Anything? Wine…………………….
Movement: Bit Bit is a mover & a shaker. At 11 o’clock at night. I love it.
Food cravings: Every sweet imaginable. Eating them makes me nauseous, though. Bummer.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Too many sweets
Gender: Girl!!!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, although I’m running on a short fuse these days. Poor Brandon.
Looking forward to:  Picking out a name and planning her nursery!