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In Lakyn’s Words

27 Sep

“Lollipops are my favorite bestest, Mommy. Oh, and chocolate is my favorite, too.”


While playing with a new toy that has stars and the moon on it:
Me- Do you see the crescent?
Lakyn- Yeah, do you see the present, Daddy?


Whenever the volume is too quiet for Lakyn’s liking, this is how she lets us know: “It’s too whisper, Mommy”.


Rilyn Ann: One Month Old

20 Sep

How in the world has a month passed by already? Time goes by so much faster the second time around.

Little Miss Rilyn, we’ve enjoyed getting to know you and watching you grow these last 4 weeks.

-You weigh 8 pounds, 8 ounces and are 21 inches long.
-You’re still wearing size newborn clothes and diapers. You’re a little thing.
-You’re still sporting your full head of hair, although it’s starting to lighten in color a bit.
-You hate the swing and refuse to take a pacifier.
-You just recently (within the last 2 days) started smiling on purpose. You only do it a couple times a day, though.
-You’ve also started to coo a couple days ago, but you’re not quite sure you’re really interested in it yet. It’s a rare sound, but I get so excited when you do!
-You sleep wonderfully at night, sleeping for a 5 hour stretch and then another 4 hour stretch before waking for the day. Momma thanks you immensely for being such a great sleeper!
-You’re starting to be awake more during the day.
-You’re happiest in the morning.
-You have such amazing neck strength and head control already.
-You’ve rolled from your tummy to your back 3 times now. True story.
-You love to watch your sister and can track her as she walks around the room.

We love you so much and can’t wait to see you grow and learn and discover new things. I’m also so excited to watch your love and friendship with your sister develop into something beautiful! Happy One Month Birthday, Rilyn!

In Lakyn’s Words

18 Sep

While watching my brother at his football game yesterday, I took Rilyn to a different part of the stadium to shield her from the sprinkles of rain that started dropping. Lakyn stayed bundled up with my mom and she started explaining to Lakyn that I used to be a cheerleader like the girls down on the field. Lakyn starts looking around the stadium and my mom asks, “What are you looking for?”

Lakyn says, “I lost my cheerleader.”

Colic or Not Colic? That is the Question.

18 Sep

Six pm is the witching hour in our house. Or at least it was last week. All last week. From 6 to 10 Rilyn would scream. Nothing would soothe her except to nurse, and people, I can’t have a baby attached to me for four hours straight every evening. We tried just about everything you could imagine. No amount of rocking/walking/singing would help. Nor would the swing, or sitting on the dryer, or a white noise machine. Car rides would help for a few minutes only. Being outside did nothing. And forget about pacifiers; the girl hates them.

After four nights of this I sent Brandon out for gripe water. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. We used it the following night (night 5). She cried for about 10 minutes after taking it, burped, and then was fine the rest of the night.

And we haven’t used it since! PTL!

We’ve been “colic symptom” free for 3 nights now, which leaves me wondering if it was actually colic. Maybe she was just going through a growth spurt and needed to eat more frequently. That would kind of explain why it only lasted 5 days (of course this is assuming we’re done with whatever all that screaming was about. Knock on wood!). Maybe she has a sensitivity to milk protein? I cut out dairy on day 4 thinking maybe that was contributing. Anyone that knows me knows just how difficult this is for me. I could totally live without meat. Living without milk is a completely different story. Milk itself wouldn’t be hard (I never drink it straight. Gross!), but the cheese (cream cheese!!!!), ice cream and butter are so difficult for me.

I’m storing this huge sacrifice away for when Rilyn is a teenager and throws the old, “you don’t love me” line my way during an argument. “Oh oh oh! You have a seat right here in this chair Miss Rilyn, and let Mom explain to you just how much I love you!” I can see it now, and spoiler alert: I win that argument.

Okay, I’ll win all of the arguments because my name is Mom. And because when your title is “Mom” you have the privilege of owning the best argument winner/ender one-liner:

“Because I said so”

So maybe it has something to do with me cutting dairy out. I guess we’ll find out as I start to add it back in. Maybe the gripe water was just THAT good and worked a miracle the one time we gave it to her. Or maybe it was just a growth spurt. Either way, the fact that it happened at the same time every day still has me coming back to colic. Colic usually lasts for a few weeks though, so again I’m back to wondering if it was one of the other things.

Regardless, I bow down to all you mommas that have gone through colicky babies. I can’t imagine weeks of going through that, as only 5 days had me bawling my eyes out, curled up on the bathroom floor. Bravo to all of you!

And THANK YOU! to all of you that offered suggestions and words of comfort during this stretch of time for us. It really helped knowing so many of you had gone through it and survived! We appreciate it mucho!

Funny how parenthood is such a huge guessing game. We could spend countless hours speculating exactly what caused something and never know the answer. Sometimes that’s just the way it is with kids, but one thing I do know is that I’m immensely grateful and relieved the crying has stopped. Hopefully for good.

In Lakyn’s Words

13 Sep

A long while ago

Alright, not all that long ago, when Lakyn would pretend to swim during her baths, I would pinch her little hiney and say, “Ooh, little baby booty cheeks!” and she would squirm and squeel and I would laugh.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago.

Lakyn comes up to me in the kitchen and says, “Momma, little baby booty cheek came out.”

Girlfriend had a massive wedgie, and I died laughing.

Wordless Wednesday: Story Time

12 Sep


Rilyn’s Birth Story

12 Sep

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

I remember waking up feeling pretty crampy that morning but passed it off as nothing seeing how I’d woken up like that a few times previously and nothing came of it.  I had a few contractions throughout the day but nothing consistent.

By that afternoon I had several contractions and wasn’t feeling the greatest, but I wanted to keep up our goal of doing something fun with Lakyn daily until the baby arrived, so we headed out to the park for a bit. Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe it was the swinging with Lakyn that finally pushed my body over the edge and sent me into labor…

We got back home around 6:30 and I was still having contractions so I decided to start timing them. They were anywhere from 8-20 minutes apart and 30 seconds long. I sent Brandon out to pick up dinner since I was certain this was not the real deal. We had steaks, baked potatoes, and salads. Wanna know how sweet my Hubby is? Earlier in the evening I had mentioned that crab rangoon from a specific chinese restaurant sounded SO GOOD, so not only did he come home with the steak dinner, but also brought me home a lovely appetizer of crab rangoon! He’s so thoughtful! I ate  devoured my dinner and then turned to B and jokingly said, ” If I am actually in labor, I’m going to puke all of this up later”.

Around 11, they were anywhere from 5-10 minutes apart, 30 seconds long. They weren’t painful yet so I was still convinced this wasn’t it. I know, how naive. It was about 11:45 when I realized that I was pacing and really concentrating when I was having a contraction which were 3-5 minutes apart, but still only 30 seconds. I finally felt convinced enough to call in to the nurse line to see if they wanted me to head to the hospital. And that would be a yes. The conversation went something like this:
-Sarah (the midwife on duty): So tell me what’s going on.
-Me: Well, I think I’m in labor. My contractions are 3-5 minutes apart and they’re starting to hurt, but I’m just not sure because they only last 30 seconds.
-Sarah: Okay, is this your first child?
-Me: No
-Sarah: Why don’t you go ahead and come in so we can check you out.

…And then I proceed to yell to Brandon that we have to go. NOW! So we gather everything up, make sure we have the camera and head out the door. (Luckily my sister-in-law, who was staying with Lakyn at our house since she was already in bed, was already at our house because she was convinced I was in labor WAY before I was.) I then call my momma and tell her we’re heading to the hospital but that I wanted her to wait until I was checked to make sure I was actually in labor before she started driving to KC. I would have felt really bad had she started driving and then have to turn around and go back home.

We get to the hospital around 12:25 am and they take us to a little room, a closet really, and get me hooked up to the machines to monitor Rilyn’s heartbeat and the contractions which are every 2-5 minutes now. The nurse then checks me and says, “Oh, you’re a 5-6 and 90%. You’re not going anywhere!” (Except to a labor and delivery room!) I call my mom and tell her it’s go time!

They then start the IV business and just like with Lakyn, it takes 3! times to get it in correctly. I’m still (yes, almost 4 weeks later) sporting traces of the bruises left behind. I said it with Lakyn, and I’ll say it again, the IV hurts worse than labor and delivery. No joke.

I’m finally taken to our room and Sarah the midwife comes in saying, “so I think I’m in labor…”. She was totally mocking me. She said, “look at you sitting at a 5-6 and saying that you think you’re in labor!” Okay, I know I’ve made a big fuss about how much I love my midwife Jeane and that I wouldn’t let anyone else deliver my babies, but it just so happened that my doctor wasn’t on call this night and Sarah was my only option. And you know what? At that point I didn’t care! All I wanted was to have my baby. And you know another thing? Sarah was wonderful! Would I have preferred Jeane? Yes, of course (i LOVE HER), but Sarah was an amazing stand-in!

After I get to the room and I talk to Sarah, it’s like someone turned the pain dial up on my contractions. I was doing so well managing the pain and really felt like I could make it without an epidural this time (bahahaha!). I was breathing through them and handling the pain really well, honestly. But here’s what I think happened. Even though I was in complete control of my pain, when the nurse had to do my IV 3 times, all of that control went out the window. I mean, these things really hurt, and they left huge knots on both of my arms where my veins burst. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them because it really looked like I had broken my arms. So yeah, after the IV fiasco I wasn’t in control anymore and was immediately asking for the epidural. Its a good thing I got it, too, because Rilyn wouldn’t be born for another several hours.

1:15 am: Asked for epidural
Some time between 1:15 and 2:00 my mom shows up. I don’t know exactly when she did, but I’m willing to bet she drove way faster than the speed limit because it sure didn’t feel like it took her an hour and 15 minutes to get to the hospital from the time I called her. Also, remember that joke I told Brandon about puking up my dinner if I was actually in labor. Yeah. That happened at this point. It was so very attractive.
2:00 am: Anesthesiologist finally shows up. I really thought I was going to die waiting for him. It felt like I was having a contraction every minute and during this waiting period, I learn that my contractions were not only lasting 30 seconds, I was just only feeling the strongest part of every one of my contractions.

While the dude was preparing to shove a huge needle in my back, he asks if I’ve ever had an epidural before. I briefly fill him in on that story and he immediately asks if I was notified that I received a spinal instead of an epidural before the anesthesiologist left my room. I tell him no and ask why and he says, “Well, we usually know right away if that happens so I’m surprised he didn’t say anything to you before he left.” …and at this point I don’t know whether to laugh or be pissed. This guy was much better, though, and administered it correctly. He even hung around for a bit afterward to make sure that it was going to “take” correctly. It ended up taking a while for my legs to start feeling tingly so before he left he gave me yet another vile of “the good stuff”. I was going to be so hopped up on epidural juice that I wasn’t going to feel a thing. And I couldn’t wait! :)

2:20: Got epidural. Dilated to a 7. Being completely honest, I was disappointed to hear I was only a 7. With as much pain as I was in I guess I expected to be further along.

It wasn’t until about 4:20 and after pressing the epidural button every 10 minutes to release more medicine, when I was completely numb. What is it with my body and pain meds? So 2 hours after I get the ep, and a failed popsicle eating attempt, I’m good to go; talk about a long wait. I just kept saying, “I didn’t just get the epidural for nothing. This better take. It has to.” Sarah comes in to check my progress. I’m an 8 and she decides to break my water. My mom and I were both thinking things were going to start moving really fast at this point. We were wrong. I decide that now that I’m comfortable to get some rest and the nurse  makes sure to tell me whenever she comes in that when I start feeling pressure to let them know. I wanted to tell her, “Look lady, I’ve been through this before. I remember what that feels like; it’s unmistakable. Don’t you worry, I’ll be letting you know”.

The nurse asked me if I wanted a popsicle and a grape one sounded delicious…

…after one bite I realized a popsicle was a bad idea. Stupid popsicle.

We all got a little rest during this time, I think. I got as much as I could with that stupid blood pressure arm band thing going off every 15 minutes. I HATE that thing. The nurse comes in periodically to adjust the monitors on my stomach and asks every time if I’m feeling any pressure….”No”.

I’m such an impatient person.

At 6:55 am Sarah comes in. “I’m going to check you and if you haven’t made any progress since the last time we’ll give you a little pitocin to help move things along.”

Oh, pitocin. You are the devil! I didn’t want to go through that again.

The nurses put my legs in the stirrups because there was no way I could do it. So. Numb. As soon as they put my legs in, Sarah goes, “Oh! Baby’s head!” Turns out I was so numb that I couldn’t feel the pressure of her moving down. Oops! Sarah called in for the baby people to come and my mom and Brandon got the cameras ready. And I started crying. I think it was a mixture of being relieved that she was finally going to be here and of knowing that our lives were about to change again for the better!

When the docs showed up Sarah had me push once and Rilyn’s head came out. She had me push again and she was born. Two pushes was all it took. They placed her on my chest and all I could do was hold her and say “hi sweetheart” through the tears. So emotional. Also, no tearing this time, which meant no stitches, which translates to a MUCH faster healing time this go around.

And I have to note that when they put her on my chest, I instantly knew why it hurt so much to carry her for 9 months. This girl is STRONG. They put her on my chest and she lifted her head up and looked around. Such amazing head control and neck strength from day one, and I don’t know how many nurses commented on how strong her arms and legs were. Yeah, imagine that pushing, kicking, punching, stretching all around INSIDE you! So glad I don’t have to feel that anymore! :)

She was born at 7:13 am. Weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces, was 19 inches long and looked exactly like her big sister. Seriously ya’ll, twinsies!


If you asked me which labor and delivery experience was better I don’t know which I’d choose. Yes, all the complications with Lakyn’s delivery were terrible, but the waiting (I was in labor for 13 hours) with Rilyn was just as bad in my book. I remember telling my mom that I’d rather go through pitocin and have it only last 5 hours than go naturally and have to wait 13 hours to see my precious baby. Again, I’m not a patient person. And I know that the fact that I wasn’t expecting it to take that long is amplifying it for me, but that’s just how I feel right now. Maybe if you ask me in a few months the answer will be different. I will say though that I felt fan-freaking-tastic after having Rilyn. Like my body hadn’t gone through anything. Like so fantastic that I didn’t need any pain meds after I had her. Except the one time I took advil for the cramping while i nursed.

It’s amazing all the things you forget about until you have a newborn again. Like the sound of their first cry. And the smell of a newborn after their first bath. And how peaceful they look all swaddled up in blankets after delivery. And the tiny itty bitty hospital hat they put on them. And the love written all over Daddy’s face the first time he gets to hold her.

It’s amazing how you forget just how tiny they are until you hold a brand new baby again.

And it’s also amazing just how complete your life feels when they’ve finally entered the world.


7 Sep

Those darn bilirubins just don’t know when to quit.

Brandon and I have noticed that Rilyn’s been looking pretty yellow/orange again lately. The last time she was tested was on the 24th (August) and her levels were 15.4 which isn’t high enough to require phototherapy. Even though her doctor cleared her, I still couldn’t help being paranoid about her coloring lately and scheduled an appointment to take her in and have her looked at again. Better safe than sorry, right?

Long story short, she’s fine. YIPPEE!

Longer story short, I’m that paranoid spastic mom.

Basically they said that because she’s eating every two hours, has a poopy diaper with every feeding, pees lots, isn’t lethargic, and has surpassed her birth weight (7 pounds, 4 ounces at birth and she’s 7 pounds 8 ounces at two and half weeks old) that they’re not worried about her. She may just take a bit longer to return to her normal coloring…


..she could have whats called breast milk jaundice which is longterm jaundice in an otherwise healthy baby. They don’t know why it happens but if she has it, she’ll continue to rock that Oompa Loompa coloring until I’m done nursing her. Looks like she could be nice and tan during the upcoming winter months. Lucky duck.

I opted out of having another bilirubin test done for two reasons:
1. If I have the opportunity to NOT subject my child to pain, I’m gonna take it.
2. If I did want to do the heel prick, they’d have to run a couple other tests as well, including a cbc test (complete blood count). I have no idea what all that entails, but I’ll pass anyway.

The doctor’s reassurance that she was fine is good enough for me. I’ll take home my soothed, sleeping baby, instead of a screaming one with a bruised, bloody heel thank you very much.

Long story short, don’t be jealous that my baby’s more tan than you. She can’t help it.

Also, I’m trying to finish up her birth story so I can post it. Really, I am!