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Rilyn Ann: 3 Months Old

20 Nov

Three months! You’re getting so big! :)

A little bit about you at 3 months:
- You’re becoming our little chunky monkey! You weigh 12 pounds, 6 ounces and are 23.5 inches long. You’ve gained 2 pounds in the last month!!!
-You wear size 3 month clothing and size 1 diapers (I think we’ll be switching to size 2 diapers soon).
- You’ve only slept through the night twice (in a row). You’re usually up twice throughout the night. Momma would sure love it if you decided to start sleeping through again!
- I think it’s safe to say we’re over the colic! You’re much more content and a happier baby now. It’s night and day! Momma and Daddy (and I’m sure big sis Lakyn) are so thankful and relieved!
- You’re getting on a better schedule throughout the day now. You’re going 1.5 to 2 hours between naps, but you’re still a catnapper, usually napping from 20-45 minutes.
-You sleep swaddled only at night.
- You still prefer to nurse to sleep and you have a hard time taking a bottle. We’re working on this.
- You’ve found your fingers and you constantly have them in your mouth.
- You drool a lot.
-You still have your hair but it’s definitely lightening up and you’re getting a little bald spot in the back.
-You still hate the swing.
-You HATE tummy time.
-You’ve also found your voice and enjoy babbling and cooing at us.
- You enjoy your baths.
-You try to sit up while laying on your back and you roll to your side frequently.
-You much prefer being held and the holder has to stand and walk around with you. No sitting down and holding you!
-You’re very interested in the tv.
- We’ve started noticing that you hold your hands when you fall asleep.
-You’ve starting giggling and it’s so cute!
-I’ve started adding dairy back in to my diet and you haven’t seem to have been affected by it. And just in time for Thanksgiving! Yippee!!! :)

Holding your hands as you fall asleep

I love that you smile when you see our faces or hear our voices. Can’t believe you’re already 3 months old! We love you, Monkey!


Monthly Comparisons: NB-2 Months

16 Nov

I’ve been meaning to do this since Rilyn was born, and in true Afton fashion I’m just now getting around to it. Nevertheless, here are pictures of the girls to compare how similar/different they look.

I plan to do this for each month until Rilyn turns one.

First up: Brand spanking new baby pictures

 Lakyn is on the top, Rilyn on the bottom. In my opinion: twinsies

 Now for their one month pictures:

Lakyn on the left, Rilyn on the right. In my opinion: similar, but no longer twins. Except the noses. Those are twins.

And at two months:

Lakyn on the left, Rilyn on the right. In my opinion: They look nothing alike….


What say you?

WW: Cheeks

14 Nov

In Lakyn’s Words

7 Nov

While I was flipping through a magazine, Lakyn comes up to me and says,
“Momma, can you read this book?”
“Momma, can you read this book?”
Apparently I was pretty wrapped up in what I was reading and I didn’t respond to her.
“Afton, can you read this book?”
…..sorry kiddo. Heard ya loud and clear!


While talking to her Daddy on the phone while he’s in Iowa:
“Daddy, you’re in Iowa?”
“Next time just you and me go to Iowa. Just you and me, Daddy”
….melts my heart.


While tucking her in for bed:
Me: “Sleep well and when the sun comes out in the morning we can play.”
Lakyn: “But the sun’s not out right now.”
Me: “No, it’s not out right now because it’s night time. It’s dark outside.”
Lakyn: “It’s dark out because the sun is behind the moon?”
….I love her way of thinking!