It’s Over, American Idol!

19 Apr

Yes, I’m about to write about a reality tv show. Yes, I’m fully aware this post is childish. So be it.

Do you ever get so upset that you just want to yell and shout from the rooftop, or from the deck, heck, from the front door? No? Just me? Oh. Well, sometimes that’s what I feel like doing, okay? And since I’m pregnant, it’s magnified ten thousand times. And even though I know all the yelling and fist shaking and foot stomping won’t change a darn thing, I still feel like doing it anyway. That’s me.

While I don’t have these urges often, they do come around. Mainly during sporting events, but occasionally  during other things as well. Tonight was one of those occasions.

There’s this little show called American Idol. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Well, Idol and I, we go way back. And we have a Love-Hate relationship. I both love it and hate it. Being well aware of this fact, and growing increasingly annoyed with the show, I stopped watching a few years ago. This year I decided to give our on-again-off-again relationship another try. I should have known what would happen. History repeats itself, you know.

You see, I fell in love. With the show again, and with a certain contestant’s voice. An uber talented contestant’s voice. I started looking forward to Wednesday nights, and started feeling that nervous excitement creep its way back into my Thursday evenings. Ridiculous, I know. I’m 27 years old. Not 14. But I loved listening to this kid sing. I couldn’t help it. If I blame it on the pregnancy can we still be friends?

His name is Colton, and he’s amazing. Have I said that already? It has nothing to do with his clothes, or his hair, or his looks. It has everything to do with his voice, his vision for himself, and the fact that he plays the piano. While singing.

He delivered an amazing performance every week. I honestly can’t pick a favorite. Maybe this one, or this one, or this one. No, maybe this one. I can’t choose. Not once was he in the bottom three. Until tonight.

And tonight he was sent home. In 7th place. SEVENTH!!!!! Whaaaaaa??????

I just don’t get it, but I should have known. Remember that thing about history? This is what I hate about the show. It always happens; America always gets it wrong. We are so totally off-again!

So yes, I was left foot-stomping-shouting-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-mad after tonight’s results show. Did I do either of those things? No, but I did glare at my tv, and I did mutter under my breath about hating America and this show. But like I said, it happens every time. (Except for the year David Cook won. I loved America that year!) Like Season 5 winner, Taylor Hicks? What in the WORLD, America?And remember Jennifer Hudson?  Season 3 contestant? Didn’t she go on to win an Academy Award and a Grammy? And have a crazy-successful music career? Why yes, yes she did. But she didn’t win American Idol.

She came in 7th place.

So, here’s to you Colton.

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  1. Terri April 25, 2012 at 4:00 am #

    Haha! I love that you love/hate American Idol. And that kid is good!!

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