Little Bit Bit: Week 22

23 Apr

I feel like time is flying by and so desperately wish that I could press the pause button. I hit that point this week where I feel like the ‘To-Do’ List is a mile long and we only have a few short months to get everything completed. Top that frantic stress with no time to accomplish anything on said list, and you’ve got one frazzled momma.

I can list the things we’ve gotten done on one hand. Three fingers actually. 1)We’re slowly creating a name list with options we like. 2) We bought Bit Bit’s coming home outfit. 3) Just last night we nailed down the nursery color theme.

And that’s all, folks. That’s all we’ve done, but the Husband promises that things will start moving soon. I feel like everything is mainly at a standstill due to the nursery currently being used as Lakyn’s playroom. You can’t see the floor in that room. All of it’s contents need to be moved to the basement and/or storage room in order to make any progress. And the storage room is currently filled to capacity. See the dilemma? This weekend, though, I’m tackling that storage room. It’s not going to know what hit it.

We’re now able to see my stomach move when Bit Bit is moving! For someone so tiny, she sure packs a punch (or kick). I’m kind of scared to imagine what those movements are going to feel like in a few weeks!

I’m still taking my nausea medicine. I went a whole day without taking it a couple weeks ago and then ended up throwing up the next day. I’ve tried not taking it in the mornings when I wake up and sometimes I can make it until about 10:30, but then it hits me again. I’m currently taking half a pill in the morning and then I’m good to go for the rest of the day. That’s what I was doing with Lakyn until the day I had her. I’m really hoping I won’t have to continue taking it, but I’ve only got about 6 pills left so I suppose we’ll see soon enough.

Now, about that pause button, if anyone figures out how to make one of those, could you help a sister out? Mmmkthanks!

How far along? 22 Weeks, 2 Days
Total weight gain/loss: 6 pounds
Maternity clothes? I’m trying to hold out as long as I can, but the weather is making it a little difficult. 
Stretch marks?No new ones yet
Sleep: It’s getting better. Sleeping on my side is becoming more comfortable.
Best moment this week: Seeing my stomach move!
Miss Anything? I miss not having to think twice about I wear. “Will it be long enough, will it be too tight?” 
Movement: All. The. Time. She’s going to be strong like her sister.
Food cravings: Sweets. And I could go for a bowl of mashed potatoes at any given second.
Anything making you queasy or sick: The thought of fondue. :(
Gender: Girl
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but add a whopping dose of ‘stress’ on top of that.
Looking forward to: Making progress on the nursery.

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  1. Terri April 25, 2012 at 3:56 am #

    You look so good!

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