Mother’s Day 2012

18 May

We make the most of our holidays around here, and even though Mother’s Day isn’t the most glamorous of holidays it ranks right up there with the rest of them for me. Since becoming a momma, I’ve learned all sorts of new things about myself and about life. I’m sure I have way more learning to do, as I’m only 27 (!!!!!), and I’m positive the addition of Bit Bit will teach me a few more things, but I’m feeling pretty good in my newfound mommahood/life knowledge right now.

For instance, I’ve learned to have patience. I would never have considered myself a patient person before Lakyn. My husband would probably argue that I’m still not, and I’d agree that I’m not really patient in any aspect of my life except for where Lakyn is concerned.

I’ve learned that my Dear Momma may not have been as crazy as I thought she was. (Love you, Mom!) You know how it goes. Every teenage daughter says it, “I’ll never be like my mother”. Oh, how silly we daughters are! Maybe she really did just want what was best for me. And I like how the realization sneaks up on you. My favorite are the ¬†little things, like how my go-to pet name for Lakyn is ‘Punkin’, just like my Mom called me. Or how I hear my mother’s laugh in my laugh from time to time, or heaven forbid I get to laughing really hard and I snort like she does! Earlier last week, the Hubs and I were enjoying some play time with Lakyn and I called her ‘stinkpot’. Brandon then asked where I came up with that term? I didn’t have an answer. I honestly didn’t know, it’s just what came out. It’s since happened a few more times as Lakyn’s showing more and more of her ornery side, but a few days later, Lakyn and I called my Mom to talk. Lakyn was preoccupied with something else and told Grandma she didn’t want to talk to her, at which Grandma called her a ‘stinkpot’. BINGO. That’s where I got it. I sound like my mother.

Above all else, is learning that there’s nothing better, nor anything harder than being a mom. That the responsibility of taking care of another human isn’t easy, that sometimes its downright scary, and that some days just require multiple timeouts. For your child and you. Learning to get over what other people think of ‘the mom with the screaming child in the grocery store’ because my daughter is throwing a fit about wanting candy and by golly I’m not giving in! ¬†And having to remind yourself to count to 10…or 30. Maybe counting to 30 three times. In spanish, french, and german.

But the good moments far outweigh all the tough moments. Notice I didn’t say bad. There are no bad moments in parenthood. Just tough learning moments. Like when she calms down and says, “I’m sorry Momma” and I’m instantly at ease. Or when she says, “Had fun today” while we’re tucking her in bed for the night. Or when I’m kneeling on the floor to pick up toys and she runs up throwing her arms around me saying, “tackle you!”. Yeah, picking up the toys can wait. I live for the special, sweet little moments like when Lakyn and I are running errands during the day and she says, “something’s missing.” I ask her what it is and she says, “Daddy” while nodding her head. Be still my heart!

I’ve learned that I’ll pretty much do anything to see her sweet smile or hear her contagious laugh. Even if it means I have to sing the same song 20 times in the most ridiculous voice I can muster, pretend to eat a stinky shoe, squeeze my childbearing hips down the tunnel slide at the park for the umpteenth time because she says, “your turn, Mommma”, or spend a quarter to let her ride those stupid horse ride machine things outside of the stores. Okay, so that one hasn’t actually happened yet, but I know I’d gladly let everyone stare at the child riding the insanely loud rocking horse and the mom standing to the side cheering her on, if it means I get a minute of Lakyn laughs and smiles. In a heartbeat.


So when Brandon asked what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day, of course it was going to involve spending time with my two favorite people! I didn’t want to do anything fancy, nor did I need a fantastic gift. I decided that we’d go to a local farm and pick strawberries. Since we couldn’t fit in apple picking last fall, I was super excited to go pick yummy strawberries and Lakyn seemed like she was pretty interested in the idea, too. The day started with donuts and a handmade card (my favorite) from Lakyn and Brandon. It was seriously one of the sweetest things and I’ll treasure it forever! We had such a good time picking strawberries and I’m pretty sure Lakyn managed to put more of them in her mouth than in the bucket. She’s sneaky like that.




Being a parent isn’t always fun and games, and I’m fully aware of that. It’s a lot of trial and error, a generous helping of “your guess is as good as mine”, and a dash of “we should have tried this a long time ago”. I’m thankful for Mother’s Day and all the other special days that let me reflect on how amazingly blessed I am. I’ve always known I have wanted to be a mom. I just never knew how utterly fantastic it was going to be.


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