2012 Summer Vacation #1: Des Moines, Iowa

28 Jun

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Yes, you read that right. Des Moines, Iowa.

Why there you ask? Well, the company Brandon works for, Dwolla, is based out of Des Moines. And seeing how he’s been working there for 13 months now, we figured maybe its time for me to meet his coworkers. With the long Memorial Day weekend, we decided to make a little vacay out of it.

Our trip included a visit to “Daddy’s office”, dinners with Brandon’s coworkers, Des Moines massive Farmer’s Market (I seriously haven’t seen a bigger one) where we had one of the best breakfast burritos we’ve ever had and Lakyn had an orange snocone. We also visited a candy store, famous for their gourmet marshmallows, went to the local zoo, visited some playgrounds, and spent our last evening walking around a lovely, rather large park.┬áLakyn’s favorite part was the zoo, more specifically, the playground at the zoo.

This is the long, colorful bridge. Lakyn loved it.

Brandon and I have also realized that vacations aren’t quite as relaxing as they were before children, but we’re making memories and that’s what matters. There were some hiccups during our trip, including some sleepless nights and tantrums, but all in all, it was a good little trip and it left us looking forward to our already planned second family vacation for this summer: Colorado Springs!

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