Thursday’s Random Post

25 Aug

I really need to get better at this blogging thing. Mainly the grouping together of content, so that every post isn’t just a jumbled mess of rants (none having anything to do with the next) from me. But alas, that’s what this post is going to be. I apologize.

1) Many of you know that Brandon now works from home thanks to his accepting a new job this past Spring. Lakyn and I LOVE having him home. I feel we get more family time together, and Lakyn absolutely loves when “Daddy-O” comes upstairs to make coffee or get lunch. Who wouldn’t love getting mid-day kisses and hugs from their working dad? One of our concerns about B working from home was how Lakyn would handle it. There was a period of time when she would go to the basement door and knock for Daddy, but it really only lasted a short while and we both feel she understands that he is working now. This is evident by her waving goodbye to Brandon and saying “working” when he walks downstairs. She doesn’t go to the door anymore, but man does she get excited when she hears the door open for Brandon to come upstairs! The girl loves her Daddy.

2) Shout-out to all the single parents and military spouses! I really don’t know how they all do it and stay sane. Once a month, Brandon travels to Des Moines for work and I’m a single momma trying to prioritize the necessities and stay afloat while keeping one eye on the clock and counting down the minutes until he’s home. Don’t look at me like that! I know what you’re thinking, “Oh come on, it’s two days. It can’t be that bad.” Yes, I realize it could be way longer, and I’m completely grateful it’s not. A momma needs a break sometimes, though, and Brandon and I make a pretty good parenting team. He’s really great at allowing me a few minutes to decompress and collect myself, or freeing me up so I can forge on with dinner-making. No Brandon means dinner takes twice as long to prepare. Plus, I kinda like having him around. Also, it pulls at the heart strings when a precious 19 month old asks for her Daddy and he’s not there. I will say, though, Brandon’s absence does have a few advantages. I get to watch all my girly shows I have saved up on the DVR, I get to sleep in the middle of the bed (!!!), I get to stop worrying about why that dog is barking like the world is ending at 1 in the morning (!!!), and I love seeing Lakyn’s face upon Brandon’s return.

3) Today’s weather really has me wishing for fall. I can’t wait to open all the windows in the house!

a curled mess

4) I’m really tired of my hair. I’m thinking about shaving it all off. Who’s with me?

best buds

5) Meet Pinky. Pinky is the most recent favorite of Miss Lakyn’s, but Pinky is a bit more special than the others. You see, Pinky has to wear a diaper. Not only does Pinky have to wear a diaper, but Pinky’s diaper has to be checked every 2 seconds to see if she ‘pooped’. Yes, potty training is near in the Ratzlaff house!

eat 'em up!

6) Football season is just around the corner, and I can’t wait to finally start cheering on my alma mater again. There’s just too long of a break between basketball and football, don’t you think? In anticipation of the college football season, I’m thinking our little Wildcat most definitely needs some of these for the season.

of course they'd be purple!

7) Thanks for letting me be all over the place today. Maybe every Thursday should be random blogging day…”Random Thursday”??? No? Okay.


3 Responses to “Thursday’s Random Post”

  1. Tylie Mahoney August 26, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    Love your posts!!! When did Lakyn grow up??? I swear she looks so much older than when I saw her last month! Oh and your hair…so beautiful!!!!

    • Afton August 29, 2011 at 1:27 pm #

      I know! It seems like she just blossomed overnight into this independent, smart toddler. I’m like, ‘Whoa, where’d my baby go?” She’s growing up way too fast, that’s for sure. Thanks for the comment about my hair, but really, it’s just driving me nuts at this point. It’s going to be meeting a pair of scissors really soon!

  2. Andrea Winkleman August 30, 2011 at 6:42 am #

    1) u need to have another baby cause L is adorable!
    2) i understand the wanting to shave your head thing. do you have any reasons for keep it long? if not CUT IT! it is beautiful but it will grow back!

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