Little Bit Bit: Week 38

7 Aug

According to, I need to be taking these last couple of weeks to nap and read some books since I won’t have much time to do that after Bit Bit comes. Um, pretty sure that I don’t have time to do that now. I have a toddler already! Silly

At last Friday’s appointment (37 weeks), I was almost 2 centimeters dilated and was 70% effaced. The plan is to have my doctor strip my membranes this Friday. (Eww, I wish there was a way to say that without it sounding so gross.) I’ve heard of a lot of women having success with this starting labor for them. I have a few friends in which this is the case. We could end up with a baby this weekend. BUT, I’m not getting my hopes up. My doctor stripped my membranes (again, sorry!) TWICE with Lakyn and we still had to force the girl to come out! So, sure, we’ll give it a try, but I’m not gonna cancel our weekend plans.

How far along? 38 Weeks
Total weight gain: I finally hit the 15 pound mark! The Doc is officially happy!
Maternity clothes? yes
Stretch marks? Yep. Seems like I’m spotting a new one every day. Dagnabit!
Sleep: It goes back and forth. Some nights I sleep great, others are awful. Like last night. I’m always pretty tired though.
Best moment this week: Reaching my weight goal! Sleeping all night long without waking up to pee or to adjust the pillows to try to get comfortable again!
Miss Anything? Lots. Being able to sit on the floor comfortably and getting up on my own. Being able to paint my toe nails. And yes, I miss walking without waddling.
Movement: All. The. Time. This kid is all over the place and it hurts! I’ve always got a foot, knee, or elbow jabbing me somewhere. And the hiccups! She has them at least twice a day. Not kidding.
Food cravings: sweets (surprise!) I’ve been trying so hard to talk myself out of making a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for a few days now. I might not win this battle.
Anything making you queasy or sick: eating in the morning
Labor Signs: Nope. I’ve been feeling a little off lately, and having a bit of cramping, but who knows what that’s all about.
Symptoms: lots of pain in my stomach from her moving around. Some lower back pain and my legs feel like I just ran a marathon by early afternoon. Still no swelling, though!
Belly Button in or out? Oh man! Out, out, out!
Wedding rings on or off? on… but I’m contemplating taking them off. I didn’t take them off with Lakyn until I was in the hospital and that was interesting! Took forever to get them off using lots of different substances the nurses kept handing me to try. I’m thinking maybe I should do it soon so I don’t have a repeat.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody. I blame the heat and Target. <— Ooh, you make me mad, Target!
Looking forward to: Delivery Day! Ready to meet her!

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