Frazzled Much?

17 Oct

Want a story that’ll make you feel like a rockstar mom? Sure you do. It’s why so many of us watch reality tv. Because watching it makes us feel like we’ve got our lives together better than they do. And by golly, sometimes you just need to feel like you’ve got it together. So my friends, I give you this gift.

We had Rilyn’s two month checkup yesterday. Come to find out she’s got a whole slew of things going on (thrush, reflux, colic, and lets throw a milk allergy in there for good measure). Anyway, at the end of the appointment she got her shots and when you have a baby that is only comforted by nursing, you go ahead and nurse her right there in the room. After she’s relaxed I put her back in her carseat and she of course starts screaming again. I gather everything up, put all the toys and books back (did I mention I had a toddler with me, too?) and shoo us out of the room and down the hall. I’m silently pleading with Rilyn to stop crying so people will stop staring, I’m trying to get Lakyn to keep walking instead of stopping to look at every little thing, and I’m debating on whether to stop at the scheduling desk to set up the next appointment or just call when I get home. I decide on the latter and get us to the car as quickly as I can. Whew. Now I take a breath and relax just a tad, because at least now only those inside our car can hear the crying baby.

Now here’s the good part:

It wasn’t until I got home that I realize I walked out of the doctor’s office without checking out and paying the co-pay. Winning.

So there you have it, I just completely forgot and now you’re feeling better about your mom-skills.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Kristin October 17, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

    This did not make me feel like a rockstar mom. This just made me freak out a little as to how in the world I’m going to handle two when the day you just described already sounds all too familiar even though I have just ONE child to deal with! ;) YOU, my friend, are a ROCKSTAR. So sorry you’ve had so much going on lately. CarS breaking down, doctors’ appointments with two little people in tow, surgery scheduled, baby with colic…you’re allowed to be a little frazzled! Just don’t forget that you have a support system. Call if you need a friend! Hugs!

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