Rilyn Ann: 4 Months Old

22 Dec

This time was one of my favorite baby stages with Lakyn, and it’s no different with you sweet Rilyn! You are so much fun and each day you are doing something new. I love the huge smiles you greet us with when you wake up in the morning, and those precious baby giggles melt our hearts. You’re growing so fast and I often find myself wishing time to slow. Such is the life of a mother.

At four months:
-You’re our little chunky monkey! You weigh 14 pounds (50-75th%ile) and you are 24.5 inches long (75th%ile)
-You’re rolling from your tummy to your back, although sometimes it scares you
-You still really hate tummy time
-You’re wearing 3-6 month clothing and 6 month clothing if the brand doesn’t have range sizes
-You roll from your back to your side. You’re working on rolling to your tummy but it’ll be a bit yet
-You wear size 2 diapers
-You still sleep swaddled, but that’ll change when we start sleep training you after the holidays
-You’re still up about every two hours at night (but after your recent stint with waking up every hour, momma’s glad to welcome the two hour stretches back)
-You take 3, sometimes 4 naps a day, going down two hours after waking up, except for your first nap which is usually only 1.5 hours after waking up
-You smile with your whole face
-You love your baths
-You stare at us while we eat. I think you’re curious as to what it is that we’re putting in our mouths
-Your giggles are the best ever
-Your hands/fingers are constantly in your mouth
-You’re grabbing toys/blankets/clothes and putting them in your mouth
-You are much more content now which has made running errands during the day without timing them to your naps possible
-Sleep begets sleep. This is HUGE for you. If you don’t get/take good naps during the day, we have a rough night ahead of us. Very rough.
-You love looking at yourself in the mirror
-You’ve just recently found that you can “talk” in a high-pitched voice. You love it.
-You will sit and watch your sister for hours (okay, maybe not hours, but a big chunk of time)
-Blowing raspberries is still your favorite
-I love that you give us a “warning cry” for a few minutes before you completely lose your cool.
-Bottles are still a no-go
-You are beautiful!

We love you, Monkey!

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  1. Tylie December 23, 2012 at 7:52 am #

    Oh my goodness she is SO beautiful!!! Happy 4 months to a sweetie pie!

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