Our Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Holidays are so much fun as a mom! Am I right? We love a good holiday around here and Valentine’s Day is no different. Although, we do believe in letting others know how you feel every day of the year, life kind of sneaks up on you from time to time. You get busy, you eat dinner while taking turns bathing the kids and getting them to bed, you collapse in bed at 9:30, and you may or may not get out of your yoga pants and t-shirt.


So I like having this one day set aside to make sure that I take the time to focus on them and let all my loves know just how much I adore them! And hey, the mister likes that I actually took the time to dress up for him!

Today was great! We started the day by giving Lakyn her valentines Daddy and Mommy made/bought for her. She got a card, candy hearts, a new book (she’s really in to Fancy Nancy right now), and some mystery message hearts. Rilyn got a new carseat toy. It may be the most annoying, jingly toy of all time, but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! Little did Mommy know that Daddy also made her a card and a heart as well. It was a sweet surprise!

Lakyn wanted to wake Rilyn up and give her gift to her, so that’s what we did.

She loved it!

Throughout the day we painted our mystery message hearts, played with toys, read books, and left love notes on the bathroom mirror.

You know, the usual happenings of a typical Thursday.

Except I made homemade bread! Without a bread machine! And it was good! Since going dairy and soy free, I can’t purchase store-bought bread. I was finally craving a sandwich bad enough that I sucked it up, got over my fear of using yeast, and did it. And it was easy, and I’ll never look back again!

Plus, the house smelled A-mazing!

Oh, and I also made these.

We also made Daddy some valentines. Lakyn and I both made him a card, and we all collaborated on this…

Rilyn decided she wanted to give me a gift today, too. At six months old (in 5 days), she finally took a bottle! We’ve only been working on it almost every day for the last 3 months! She still acts like she doesn’t know what to do with it, but she successfully drank slightly more than an ounce today! Hooray!

Then Daddy came home with this! He knows me so well! I’m so thankful for a husband that takes into consideration my new diet and brings me something he knows I LOVE! This is probably the best V-Day treat he’s gotten me.

It’s cotton candy. If I had to tell you that, you and I should not be friends.

I’m kidding.

Kind of.

So we fed the kiddos their dinner and put them to bed. Brandon then fired up the grill and I got to work on the other dinner fixin’s. We feasted on grilled steak, roasted seasoned zucchini and yellow squash, homemade bread, and malbec wine while catching up on our DVR and sneaking a quick kiss here and there.

Too much info? Sorry.

Then we devoured those chocolate covered strawberries.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! Hope you had a great day!





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