Lakyn’s Surgery: Tonsillectomy and an Adenoidectomy

23 Feb

I cannot even begin to describe how hard it is to watch your baby being wheeled back to surgery. It is even harder still to watch them suffer in pain, knowing you can’t do anything to take the pain away.

She did well throughout her surgery. Sitting in the waiting room for the 40 minutes it took to do the operation were the longest 40 minutes of my life. At that point the doctor came out and told us she did well and that when she wakes up they’ll keep her in recovery for 45-60 minutes to continue to monitor her. After that, then we’d be able to meet up with her when she was moved to a room on the 3rd floor. We waited 55 minutes.

The nurses kept commenting on how cute she was and that she was the perfect patient. I was so proud, we have such a brave girl! She didn’t say much when we joined her, as she was still super sleepy, but I think it’s funny that she did point out the triangles on the elevator while waiting to go up to the room. “See the triangles.” Her sleepy, groggy voice almost had me in tears.


We were at the hospital longer than we thought we would be. Lakyn had to meet certain criteria in order to be able to leave and she met them all except for going to the bathroom. We waited for 3 hours until she finally peed!

The day of and the day after were the worst. She was in a lot pain, didn’t want to talk, and didn’t want to eat or drink anything. It was so hard to watch. I felt really guilty for putting her through that. I totally regretted having the procedure done. Today is a new day though, and she’s acting much better. She still doesn’t want to drink anything, but it’s not as much of a fight as it used to be. She’s talking more and we’re starting to see more of her personality come through.

She’s got a cough right now, but we don’t know if that’s from the surgery or if she has what Rilyn and I have. We’re rocking some chest congestion and coughs, and my throat is killing me. That’s the last thing Lakyn needs right now, but we’ll keep her comfortable and drinking those fluids.

Also, I want to note that Brandon and I have noticed a difference in Lakyn’s voice. It’s higher-pitched than it was before. It sounds more baby-like to me, maybe even a tad whiney, but I know we’ll get used to it.

A big thank you to my amazing momma for staying with the littlest while B and I were with Lakyn at the hospital. It was comforting knowing I didn’t have to worry about both my babies that day.

And thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I think we’ve turned a corner and it’s downhill from here (hopefully). We really feel so blessed to have so many great friends! Muah!

The nurses informed us that Lakyn insisted that Izzy wear the hospital socks. I love that kid!

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