4 Mar

Ugh….there’s no way around it. Goodbyes just plain suck.

Unless of course they’re for unwanted weight gain, or illness, or that jerky person who makes you feel like crap.

But this goodbye was for none of those things. This goodbye was for great friends. Immediate family.

Brandon’s sister Monica and her family lived just three minutes away from us. We loved being so close to them. We loved getting together to hang out and watch sporting events, to eat dinner, to bake treats, and to watch the kids interact with each other.¬†Lakyn absolutely adores her cousin Tara.

So why are they moving? Monica’s husband Chris accepted a job in Portland, Oregon. While we’re super sad they’re moving so far away, we’re equally excited for them and their new adventure!

We watched as they cleaned unwanted belongings from their house (Lakyn scored a BUNCH of Tara’s old clothes and shoes that will fit her perfectly in about a year. Holla!), watched them prep their house to put it on the market, and then watched that house sell in what felt like 2 hours. We’re thankful for the three days they were homeless before leaving Saturday. That meant they moved in with us and we got to soak up the time together. Apparently, that time also included adopting a pet. Tara gave Lakyn her pet fish before they left and gave permission to change the name.

The fish’s name was Jewel.

Lakyn has changed it to Fishsticks.

Not kidding.

So, meet Fishsticks.

Saturday was difficult. We knew it was coming, but didn’t let it sink in. When it finally did, it hit us like a freight train. We may have stared out the window until we couldn’t see the airport shuttle taking them away anymore. We may have spent the rest of the day and evening wiping random tears. We may have spent some time looking at prices for plane tickets to Portland.

A K-State win at the buzzer may have helped a little. Or a lot. That was pretty awesome! :)

We’re doing better today. Even though Brandon and I may or may not have eaten dinner in bed at 9:30pm while watching some netflix. Don’t judge. I think it was exactly what our souls needed. You know, if we did actually do that sort of thing.

All sadness aside, I have no doubt that they are where they’re supposed to be right now. The fact that their house was on the market for less than a week, and the fact that they got a full-price offer (two reasons among a handful of others) tells me this is what is meant to happen. Yeah, it’s gonna be hard not having them here. Yeah, it’ll be hard going from seeing them weekly to once or twice a year, but that just means that when we do see them, it’ll be so SO wonderful!


Of course there’s technology, too. Phones, Facebook, and Skype will help lots. We’ll be okay, I have no doubt they will be, too. I keep thinking about what new and exciting things they will get to do, be a part of, new friends they’ll make, new places they’ll see! We’re truly excited for them!

And we can’t wait to go visit a new part of the country. We hear Portland is absolutely beautiful! We’re looking forward to it!

*Note to self: talk Monica into starting a blog so I can follow every.single.detail. of their life in Portland. 

^ That’s totally not creepy, right?

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