Diapers: The Problem and the Plan

4 Mar

Long story short, Rilyn’s diapers are still worrisome. I’ve been off of dairy for…I can’t remember how long, and I’ve been off of soy for almost a month now.

I think. I can’t keep it all straight anymore.

Anyway, despite eliminating those two from my diet, we haven’t seen a change in Rilyn’s diapers. Minus just a handful of days when they were magically normal and we thought, “Halleljuh! We’ve figured it out”! But no, they went back to being full of mucus and in the last 5 days they’ve started having specks of blood in them.

Don’t freak out.

In a diaper full of mucus, there are one or two pinpoint sized specks of blood. Nothing makes you feel like a parent more than rooting through your child’s diaper.

That and trying to catch their puke when they throw up.

Anyway, although it’s not a lot of blood, it is something we need to get figured out. She’s perfectly fine otherwise. Content and happy, developing and gaining weight. I called the pediatrician on Wednesday and after a very lengthy phone conversation and a few call backs, she told me that she thinks Rilyn is allergic to my breast milk and that I need to stop nursing her and put her on a dairy free formula.



I have so many thoughts running through my head regarding this. So if this post seems fractured and out of order, please forgive me. I’m having a very hard time organizing my thoughts. There are many things I want to say, so many questions, but “ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS” is what keeps coming out.

I’m sorry. Maybe it is possible, but it is HIGHLY unlikely for a mammal to be allergic to their own species’ milk. Breast milk is intended for/created for babies. How in the world could she be allergic?

Right now, that’s an answer I’m just not willing to accept.

Everything in me is telling me that’s not it. If she was allergic to my milk, I feel like her symptoms would be worse. I don’t feel like she’d be a happy baby. I don’t feel like she’d be gaining weight and developing like she is, either. My guess is that it’s something in my diet.

It’s funny that when all this no dairy stuff first started, I said I wished Rilyn would take a bottle so we could start her on formula and I’d still be able to enjoy eating whatever I wanted. You’d think now that we are a couple months into it, I’ve added soy to the DO NOT EAT list, and there’s a very good chance something else is about to be added to that list, I’d feel the same way, but I don’t. When the doctor said to stop nursing R, I lost it. I hung up the phone and bawled my eyes out. It was so clear to me at that point that I love nursing my babies and that I really did not want to stop. I’d rather take 50 different foods out of my diet than stop nursing. It’s nothing against formula feeding. Lakyn was formula fed from 4 months on due to my lack of milk production. I think I feel differently this time around because of that. I wasn’t ready to stop nursing Lakyn, and I felt like such a failure. I’m not ready to stop nursing Rilyn, either.

In a nutshell, I’m going to do whatever I have to in order to keep nursing her.

So the plan is to start an elimination diet where I’ll eat nothing but chicken, brown rice, vegetables, and non citrus fruits for 2-3 weeks. At that point hopefully her diapers have cleared up and I’ll re-introduce foods back into my diet one at a time, starting with the least suspicious and waiting a week before adding another. If we add one in and find that her diapers go back to being mucusy, we’ve found the culprit.Or one of them. I’m probably going to be miserable/grumpy at first, and I’m probably never going to want to see a chicken again in my life.

But I’ll get used to it, and it’ll be worth it because it’s going to bring us one step closer to figuring out whats going on with our sweet girl.

If after 2-3 weeks, her diapers are not better, we will then re-evaluate our thoughts on a breast milk allergy. I know it’s risky to go against what your child’s pediatrician is telling you to do, but I feel so strongly that being allergic to me is NOT what’s going on here. We’re also thinking about getting second opinions, and a GI doc is also an option.

My suspicions: I had a few days where I wasn’t as careful about what I was eating. We ordered food two different times, and while I didn’t order anything that had dairy or soy in it, you can’t be absolutely positive there isn’t any unless you make it yourself. Most mass produced things contain both in some form or another. Check your bread, bet you $20 it has soy in it. There’s also the risk of cross contamination, and there’s also the possibility of seasonings for foods being full of dairy and soy ingredients. Shame on me. I know better.

Also, I’m super suspicious of wheat. In my research I’m finding that it’s very common for babies to have these symptoms when allergic to wheat as well. Wheat will be one of the last foods I add back in my diet.

Yes, this is going to be hard. I’m going in aware of that. I’m also going in knowing there isn’t a better reason as to why I’m doing this.

Knowing that it won’t be forever also helps! And of course, there’s this. This helps the most! I have the best husband!

So, anyone want to come over for some grilled chicken and veggies? ;)

4 Responses to “Diapers: The Problem and the Plan”

  1. jodi inkenbrandt March 4, 2013 at 6:53 pm #

    Afton, wow! Firstly, you’re an amazing woman/mother. Seriously. Second, I have never in my life heard of a child being allergic to their mother’s breastmilk. I’m sure it has happened in a few rare cases, but I think you’re wise to go with your gut. I hope things clear up quickly and you’re not having to eat chicken and veggies forever. :) Both Jacob and Judah had mucus diapers a few random times and but never consistently, so I have no idea what it was from. Anyway, I would so come over for grilled chicken and veggies…as long as the snow is gone :)

    • Afton March 5, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

      Thank you Jodi! It’s so funny to me that I feel so strongly about doing this. I’m sure 9 months, I would have said to just do formula. Funny how things change; I can’t even fathom giving up bf right now, regardless of the fact Rilyn still won’t take a bottle. Hopefully this will help us figure it out! And looks like our chicken date will have to wait. We still have a foot of snow in our yard. It is melting. Albeit, slowly, but it is! :)

  2. Christine March 4, 2013 at 9:50 pm #

    Poor little Rilyn! I hope you find out soon what’s causing all the trouble with her diapers! You are an awesome mom to go on such a strict diet so you can continue breast feeding! I totally understand your reaction to the ped’s recommendation. If Liam’s ped said I had to stop breast feeding, I’d be getting a second onion for sure and talking to a lactation consultant.

    Christine :)

    • Afton March 5, 2013 at 5:53 pm #

      Christine- Thanks! Luckily there’s a really nice LC that goes to our church, so I’ll be talking to her for sure! I keep telling Brandon we should get our clans together to hang out/for dinner, but now that I’m starting this diet, I’m afraid whatever I would make for dinner wouldn’t be too exciting! Still, I’d like to get to know you better so we should set something up!

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