Some Questions, The Plan, and Meals

6 Mar

Questions some are wondering:

1. Why not get her tested for allergies? Wouldn’t that be easier?
Yes, it would be easier if they were conclusive, but the problem with getting her tested for allergies, especially at this age, is that there is no test for intolerances. We (I) could go through the trauma of having R’s blood tested just for it to come back saying she’s not allergic to anything, which would be great news, but not helpful, because obviously there’s something that isn’t agreeing with her body.

2. Why not switch to formula?
Rilyn’s still not taking a bottle and because she’d have to be on a special formula (dairy free). That stuff is ex.pen.sive.  A-nothankyou.

3. Will Rilyn get everything she needs?
Yes. Actually, she’ll probably be getting better things than before as I will be eating better than I ever have. Plus, I’m still taking my prenatal vitamins (although I had to switch to ones that were free of dairy,soy,wheat,nut,fish,etc). We decided last week to stop her cereal and her green beans to make sure all she was getting was milk. This is to clear her system faster and to help her as breast milk is the easiest digested food for her. Our plan is to start her on rice cereal again this weekend. If she does well with that, we’ll reintroduce green beans.

4. What WILL you get to eat?
I’ve been wondering that same thing for the last couple of days now, and honestly, I’m finding quite a few things that will fit inside the limitations.

And honestly, I’m kind of excited!

There are two silver linings to this huge drawback of major diet restrictions.
1. I’m helping my baby.
2. I’m being forced to branch out and cook new things; I’m being forced to not be such a picky eater.

The plan looks like this:
Eliminate all beef, dairy, soy, wheat, gluten, eggs, corn, nuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish from my diet for 2-3 weeks. Hopefully at this point Rilyn’s diapers are better. If they aren’t, we’ll contact a GI specialists. Let’s say that they are better, and please God let them be, at which point I will slowly add those items back in one at a time.

As of right now, I will add corn back in first, then beef, then eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, soy, and lastly dairy. I will wait 5-7 days between adding something new. If her diapers go back to being mucusy then we’ve found the or one of the culprits. It’s very possible we’re dealing with multiple intolerances here. We’ll just wait and see.

So, that’s where we’re at. Exciting, huh?

Wanna know what we had for dinner last night and tonight?

Last night (Night 1):


Seeing how it was the first day of my new diet, I didn’t have a lot of ideas and kind of felt like I was going to be left eating plain lettuce. Alas, I picked up a rotisserie chicken (checking the ingredient list first). Hooray! To go with it, I made some homemade french fries, and a salad. Winner winner chicken dinner!

Tonight (Night 2):

Spaghetti!!! I used rice noodles which I actually don’t mind at all. Yay! I also had a salad with cucumber and tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with some salt and pepper. Delish and I’m full!

Stay tuned for more dairy/soy/wheat/gluten/peanuts/tree nuts/shellfish/fish/eggs/corn/beef free recipes.

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