Elimination Diet Dinners: Day 4 and 5

9 Mar

Day 4′s dinner consisted of this:

Rice chex and applesauce.

And water.

The flu will do that to you. As awful as I felt all day yesterday, and as many times as I threw up, morning sickness was still WAY worse. End of story.

Day 5′s dinner was much better.

Grilled marinated chicken with roasted zucchini, squash, and onions.

I wish I would have weighed myself at the start of this elimination diet so I could compare it to what I am now. Of course, having the flu will also knock a few pounds off for ya.

All I know is I may be frustrated with my food options right now (CORN IS IN ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!!) and I’m craving anything and everything I cannot have, but by golly this has helped to lose some of those pesky pounds that just won’t go away!

Now if only I would start exercising.

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