Diaper Edition 2: An Update on Miss Rilyn

22 Mar

I’m going to try to keep this from getting too wordy. Key word being try.

Also, I’m going to talk a lot about poop. I’m going to talk a lot about baby tushies. If the words blood, mucus, poop, rectum, or fissure gross you out, stop reading.

If you’ve been following along, you know that we’ve been dealing with Rilyn’s abnormal diapers. Her stools for the most part have always been mucusy. We dealt with the period of colic in her first few months, but since then she’s been a completely different baby, always happy and content. She has a great appetite and is gaining weight well and developing like she should. The girl is perfect.

To try to help figure out the diapers, I went dairy free about 2 months ago after researching and finding that mucus is really common in the stools of babies with a dairy and/or soy intolerance. Two and a half weeks after that, I cut soy from my diet as well.

About two and a half weeks ago, we noticed bright red specks of blood in her diapers. I called her pediatrician (who knew that I’d already eliminated dairy and soy) and told me that I needed to switch her to a nondairy formula because they thought she was allergic to my milk. Rilyn is exclusively breastfed, partly because she’s still refusing a bottle, partly because that’s what I want to do, so switching to a nondairy formula isn’t an option. And I think it’s ridiculous that she could be allergic to my milk. So we’ve been on the hunt for a new pediatrician, and doing what I could think of to help her out the best I could, I went on an elimination diet, eliminating beef, nuts, wheat, eggs, corn, and fish in addition to the dairy and soy. The blood specks lasted for about 5 days and usually there were only one or two specks in the diapers. The mucus and color of her diapers stayed the same.

This Wednesday we went to a new pediatrician. She was super nice and I loved the office setup. She seemed like she knew what she was talking about. I explained everything from the beginning, even showed her pictures of Rilyn’s past diapers and answered some of her questions, but her explanation for this kind of threw me for a loop. She thinks Rilyn’s fine. She thinks that her mucusy diapers are just how Rilyn poops and she thinks the blood is from a small fissure. She did take a look and pointed out where the fissure was to me, and yes, I did see what looked like a small tear so I felt comfortable with that. She went on to say that because Rilyn’s not fussy, doesn’t seem to be in any pain, is gaining weight really well, and that I’ve been on the diet for as long as I have and haven’t seen any change in her diapers, that this is just how she is. If it got any worse, we were to call and let her know, but she said she wasn’t concerned about her at all and that we can start feeding her vegetables and fruits again and that I can resume a normal diet.

I left not really knowing how I felt. I left confused. Part of me was kicking myself for reading too much into a situation and making something out of nothing. The other part was thinking that that answer was just too easy. Of course I was going to question what I was seeing. Lakyn never had any diaper even close to resembling what we’ve seen from Rilyn. And hello, any time your baby poops blood, you’re gonna freak a little.

I decided that we’d go ahead and try it out, but cautiously. We’d start Rilyn on a vegetable and I’d go ahead and start to slowly add foods back in, one at a time waiting a week before adding another.  Rilyn had green beans with her rice cereal and I had a handful of corn tortilla chips with dinner.

Yesterday she had more poopy diapers than normal. She usually just has one or two at most, but yesterday she had 3 and a half (I’m not sure I can count that half as a full one. just go with it). The last diaper she had was full of bright red blood specks. More than there have been before, mixed all throughout the mucus. I tried to calm down and remind myself that bright red blood usually meant the blood was from the rectal area. I checked where her fissure was before, where the doctor pointed it out to me the day before, and I felt like it was a little more noticeable and more red. So I decided to keep an eye on it and also decided that we should probably stop the vegetables for Rilyn and the corn for me until it was healed, just to be sure that the new foods weren’t part of the problem.

This morning I changed Rilyn’s diaper and instead of specks of bright red blood, there was now one single strand of dark red blood (maroon) in the mucus in her poop. I freaked out. This was completely different than any diaper she ever had before and everything I read on the internet says that dark red blood means a GI issue. I called the doctor and they said to bring her and the diaper in. Long story short, after looking at the diaper and at Rilyn’s bottom, she still thinks the blood is coming from the tear. I asked her so many times whether the change in color and appearance of the blood could still be caused from that, but she said she wasn’t concerned, that it’s just coming from the fissure and that she didn’t think meeting with a GI specialist would be beneficial for us right now. She said the fissure was much worse than it was on Wednesday and that it was actually bleeding while she was looking at it. She wants us to put some ointment on it and if she’s still pooping blood in two weeks and we can’t see a fissure anywhere, then we’ll meet with a GI. She said she had no doubt in her mind that that’s where the blood was coming from. My question before I left: “If there is still blood in two weeks and we find out that it’s stemming from a GI issue, is waiting these few weeks before we get it figured out going to cause her any harm?” Her answer: “Absolutely not”. She said most GI issues aren’t serious and are easily fixed. I suppose that makes me feel a little better.

I’m not sure what to do at this point. This day has almost been more than I can handle. I guess we just continue on and if we’re still seeing blood in two weeks, take the next step then. I go back and forth with agreeing with her and with feeling like there’s something else we’re missing. I have been reading some things that have pointed out that it’s not abnormal for exclusively bf babies to have mucus poop since their bodies are so efficient at using all of the milk. Hopefully we are just dealing with a fissure and a baby that poops mucus. It is encouraging to me that Rilyn’s as happy as ever. I love that little bug to pieces!

I said I’d try to keep it from getting too wordy. I failed. Sorry.

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  1. jodi March 22, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

    Dude, that’s A LOT to be dealing with. You are an amazing woman. I just want to tell you, even though you already know this, go with your gut. Whatever you’re feeling, go with it. Mom’s are usually right and if you’re feeling at all uneasy, better to error on the safe side, right? Also, I’m not sure how it is now, but any specialist we had to see with our kids, usually took a while to get in to see, even with a pediatrician’s referral, so maybe go ahead and try to get in to cut the wait time down…? No matter what, I think you’re doing a wonderful job of staying on top of things and really investigating everything.

  2. Jody March 25, 2013 at 9:00 pm #

    You’re doing a great job! Being a mom is hard and when you throw something like this in with it, it becomes that much harder! Coming from a mom of a kid with a milk allergy (whey allergy), we couldn’t tell Leah had an allergy until we tried to give her formula, whatever I ate/ drank never seemed to bother her. We weren’t able to get her to take the dairy/soy-free formulas either (not to mention they smelled nasty!). I also agree about not seeing an allergist, we saw one with Leah at 7ish months and it was useless.

  3. Amy Jo March 26, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    Wow! That is a lot for you to process! Rilyn is in great hands!

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