Rilyn Ann: 7 Months

1 Apr

Please stop growing so fast! I can’t handle it!

-You are 16 pounds, 8 ounces
-Wearing 6 month and 6-9 month clothing
-In size 3 diapers
-Your tongue is always sticking out, and you drool so much! You soak your clothes and bibs faster than any baby I know.
-You are transferring objects between hands like a pro
-For about the last week, you’ve been giving us 5-6 hour stretches of sleep at night! Finally! Please keep it up!
-You only take a bottle for about a couple minutes, and only on days when you feel like it. It’s hit or miss at best.
-You are eating rice cereal, green beans, peas, and pears. You don’t seem to like pears.
-You are scooting backwards and within the last week have started pulling your knees underneath you while pushing up on your arms. You’ll be crawling soon.
-You LOVE to pull your sister’s hair.
-Your diapers are still the same. We’re taking you to see a GI specialist in a few days. Hopefully we’ll get some answers.
-Your favorite activity is to sit you on the floor and put a basket of toys in front of you so you can take them all out!
-You love it when people clap
-You’re starting to wave with your right hand
-You’re beginning to give kisses
-You are saying da-da, ba-ba, and na-na sounds.
-Still our happy, smiley girl!

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