Rilyn Ann: 8 Months

9 May


This past month I’ve found myself really trying to soak up every second with you. For some reason it has really struck me that your baby days are numbered. No longer are you full of soft baby coos and squeaks. Your quiet baby cry has given way to a full-blown wail! There’s no doubt you’re well on your way to toddlerhood. In just four short months you’ll be one.


You’re such a sweet, sweet girl. You’re also a very determined little girl. You’re development has EXPLODED this month, and it’s been so much fun to watch!

When you were born, I set a goal to nurse you until you were 8 months, since I only made it to 4 with Lakyn. WE MADE IT, with no signs of stopping anytime soon! I couldn’t be happier. And while we’re talking about nursing, I have to mention that you always look up at me and reach up to touch my face. Every time. I’m sure I’ll have a good cry the last time I nurse you because I’m going to miss that. Until then I’ll soak it up and sing You Are My Sunshine while you’re eating a few more times.

At 8 months you are:
- weighing 16 pounds 10 ounces and are 26.38 inches long
-Wearing size 3 diapers
-Wearing 6-9 month and 6-12 month clothing
-You are saying “Dada”
-Still not taking a bottle. I recently found out that your daddy never took one. I blame him completely. ;)
-We still aren’t sure what’s causing your digestive issues. Your diapers are so inconsistent lately. Some days they’re great, others they’re not. Even in the same day they go back and forth, but I’m still plugging along with the elimination diet. Hoping we’ll get it figured out soon.
-You are army crawling. All over the place. And you’re super fast.
-You’re clapping! You do it when we say the word clap and when we say “yay”
-You get up on all 4′s and rock, but you drop back down to your tummy before taking off.
-You are waving
-You are not a fan of fruits so far. You’ve had pears, apples, and bananas and don’t seem to like any of them. Maybe you’ll be lucky and won’t have a sweet tooth.
-You play peek-a-boo with us by pulling a blanket up in front of your face and then dropping it again. I’m trying to get it on video but whenever I pull out the camera you stop. It’s super cute.
-You can get back to a sitting position from laying on your tummy.
-You are picking up things using your thumb and index finger.
-You’re mimicking noises we make. Especially high-pitched sing-songy noises.
-You’re still up 2-3 times a night. One of these days I’ll get some sleep. ;)
-Anything your sister does is absolutely hilarious.
-Still lots of drool. Still no teeth.
-You love bath time.
-Empty water bottles just might be your favorite toy.
-You love being outside.
-You are, without a doubt, a daddy’s girl. You get so excited when he gets home from work, or when you hear his voice on the phone. You love him, for sure.

She’s clapping

Each month gets better! You are so fun and such a sweetheart! We love you bunches and bunches!

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