GI Update

10 May

We had Rilyn’s follow up appointment with the GI specialist today. I really like this guy. Super nice, knows what he’s talking about, and makes me feel like I’m NOT a crazy mom that’s just paranoid about every little change in her child’s poop.

Yep, I like him.

So, since we saw him for R’s first appointment one month ago, she has gained a pound and grew an entire inch. Growth has never been an issue with Rilyn while we’ve been dealing with her GI problems, but it’s still reassuring to see that she’s growing the way that she is. Good job, baby girl!

Here’s the story:

We’ve felt that her diapers have been inconsistent since around April 16th, fluctuating between what we think is normal for her and being more mucusy again. One day they’re great, the next back to mucus, then back to “normal” the following day. We’ve even had several days where they’ve alternated all in the same day. The good news is that even on the mucusy days, the diapers seem so much better than what they used to be before starting the diet. They have more substance even though they’re still mucusy and the doctor is pleased with these types of diapers. It’s the looser, watery mucus ones that are worrisome.

Alright, moving on before I make you lose your lunch with all the poop talk.

He said that she’s growing well, isn’t unhappy, no sign of blood, and because we’ve seen a positive change in her diapers, we’re not going to worry about doing a scope on her. In fact, he said I can start adding things back in my diet.

Let me say that again.


I’m excited, but trying not to get too excited. I’ll do it very slowly, adding only one new thing and waiting a week to check for reactions. I’ll also be adding new foods into Rilyn’s diet as well, which will prolong the process even more since I don’t want to overlap new additions to our diets. If her diapers go back to the way they were before, I’ll remove that item from my diet again. We’re still waiting until sometime after her first birthday to try eggs, soy, and dairy, the 3 most problematic for babies.

Due to her GI issues, we’ve had to go slow with Rilyn’s foods, so I’m excited to start adding more into her diet as well. So far she’s had:

rice cereal
green beans
butternut squash  *a favorite
sweet potato
carrots  *a favorite

I was also able to find some baby puffs that are free of everything she can’t have and she loves them! I even found them at Target! Holla for Tar-jay and for working on those fine motor skills by picking the puffs up and putting them in her mouth! :)

So our schedule will probably look something like this: I add a food and wait a week, add a food to Rilyn’s diet and wait 3 days, add a food to my diet and wait a week, etc. If she has a reaction to a food, I’ll eliminate it and we’ll wait for her diapers to return to normal before proceeding with the next food. Fingers crossed we won’t run into that. I’ll probably start with shellfish, then fish, then tree nuts, nuts, gluten, then I’ll try beef shortly before her birthday. We go back in 3 months for another follow-up appointment.

I’m really looking forward to this, as this diet has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

And the most expensive. I’m not kidding. You’d freak if you saw our grocery bill.

But there’s relief in sight, and for that I’m so very thankful!

I’m thinking grilled shrimp for Mother’s Day dinner sounds fabulous. You?

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