Mother’s Day 2013 and the Story of My First Mother’s Day

6 Jun

Before I write about this year’s mother’s day weekend, let me start by reminiscing about my first mother’s day weekend, in 2009. It’s not a story that many know, but I love it and I think it’s so cool! Plus, I want to document it so we have it in written form forever and ever!

The first week of May in 2009, while finishing up my first year of teaching, I argued with two close teaching friends that I was in fact, NOT pregnant. I had already taken three pregnancy tests over the course of the month of April, all negative. Still, by Friday (two days before mother’s day) my friend Kristin talked me into taking another one when I got home. I thought it was a waste but stopped on the way home to buy a couple more tests, and did one as soon as I got home.

Two pink lines appeared before I could even set the test on the counter.

Good thing the box came with two. I ran to the kitchen, downed the biggest glass of water imaginable and waited 15 minutes before taking the next one.

Longest 15 minutes of my life.

Two pink lines again.

I cried. Laughed. Smiled. Got a little dizzy. Cried some more. Laughed some more. Touched my stomach. Stared at myself in the mirror. Imagined the future with a little one. A baby! Then got scared. Then got really stinkin’ scared. Can I be a mom? Then got really stinkin’ excited!

And then wondered what Brandon would think.

I knew it would still be a few minutes before he was home from work, but called anyway. I needed to know that he was on his way home. I needed to hear his voice. I knew it would calm me.

The conversation was short. I asked when he’d be home, trying to sound as normal as I could. He later told me that he knew something was going on, but figured I’d had a bad day and just needed to talk about it when he got home. I’m sure it was only 10 minutes before he pulled into our apartment’s parking space, but if felt like an hour. I paced the hallway, holding the two tests, walking back and forth to the window to watch for him to pull in, wondering what I was going to say to him. Wondering how he’d feel about it all. Whether he’d be really excited, or nervous, or both like me.

Finally he pulled in.

And then he sat in the car.

And sat.

And sat.


Finally he opens the car door and that’s when I left the window and stood in the hall, waiting for him to come in. The front door opens, I instantly start crying again, and there I am standing in front of him with two white sticks in my hands.

As he looks back and forth at me and the tests, he finally realizes what I’m holding and says, “Are you serious?”

I nod.

He smiles the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.

There was lots of hugging, kissing, crying, checking the tests. Lots of “this is awesome” and “can you believe it?”

The best part, though? In all of this emotion filling our small apartment, I didn’t even realize the small bag he was holding when he came in. I didn’t notice him set it on the table when he walked up to hug me. That bag was what took him so long getting out of the car. He had me open it and I pulled out the tiniest, cutest little newborn baby socks.

Then he said, “I picked these up on the way home. I wanted to give you a gift for mother’s day. I was going to say that even tough I know you aren’t a mother yet, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be an amazing mom when the time comes.

Guess the time is now.”

I cried again.

I still can’t get over how special this story is. How sweet that he wanted to get me a gift for mother’s day, thinking that I wasn’t pregnant. How cool that I found out I, in fact was, the same day he did this. How awesome that me telling him and him giving me the gift happened at the same time. How amazing we found out I was pregnant on mother’s day weekend!

My first mother’s day, though Miss Lakyn wasn’t born yet, will forever be one of my favorite stories.


Mother’s Day 2013 was my first as a mom of two and it was just perfect. We originally planned to go to a strawberry farm and pick as many as we could get our hands on. We did this last year and I decided then that I’d like to do it every mother’s day weekend, you know, sort of a tradition thing. We weren’t able to make it for mother’s day this year, as the strawberries weren’t ready with the weather we’ve had this spring. We’re hoping to make it in a couple weeks, though.

Instead, I decided that I just wanted to enjoy the weekend. Not make any plans and just do what we end up doing. We ended up hanging out all weekend, enjoying our family time, enjoying the wonderful weather outside, and had a picnic lunch at the park on Sunday. Like I said, it was perfect.


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  1. Tylie June 7, 2013 at 1:45 pm #

    I LOVE that story! You guys are the sweetest!!! Happy Mothers day (obviously late) to one of the best mommas i know! Seriously Afton you are amazing! Hugs!!!

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