A Quick Diaper Update

6 Jun

It’s been 3 months since going on this elimination diet (started March 5) and it’s been a month of great diapers for Miss R! Holla!

I’ve successfully added shellfish (shrimp), fish (salmon), and tree nuts (almonds) back in, and I’m still waiting the full week to make sure about peanuts. So far, we’re looking okay! :) Currently I’m still free of gluten, beef, egg, soy, and dairy. I’ll try gluten (oats, barley, or rye) next week, then do wheat the week after. I’ll test the luck with beef the following week, and I’ll remain egg, soy, and dairy free until after Rilyn’s 1st birthday (August).

I’m so thankful to have some more variety back in my life. I can’t tell you how happy it’s made me to make shrimp for dinner, or enjoy a bowl of (diet safe) cereal with some almond milk. Life is good.

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