In Lakyn’s Words: Telescope, Bad Moods, and Monkey Back Rides

26 Jun

We had a storm coming through, so before it rained I ran out to get the cushions off of our patio furniture (I didn’t want the wind blowing them across the yard). Lakyn followed me onto the deck and looked up at the dark clouds. In a nervous, cautious voice she says, “I have a bad mood about this…”


During some play time before bed Lakyn said she was going to be the doctor. Brandon asked her what you do to be the doctor, to which she replied, “you get your telescope and listen to your heartbeep.”


While reading books about baby animals with Brandon, Lakyn asked what “cling” meant. Pointing out the picture of a baby monkey holding on to it’s momma, he explained that it meant to hold on tightly. She says, “Like a piggy back ride….or, a monkey back ride!” We’ve got a jokester on our hands!

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