Rilyn Ann: 11 Months

23 Jul

Happy 11 month birthday, sweet girl! I cannot believe you’re just one month away from being a ONE YEAR OLD! I’m struggling with this. I’m already a teary eyed fool thinking about it, so I’m sure I’ll be a mess on the day of your party. My baby isn’t going to be a baby for much longer. :(

As sad as I am about your babyness slipping away, it’s pretty dang fun to watch you grow. And I am super excited about all the new stages we have ahead of us. Hey, maybe one of these days you’ll finally say, “momma”! ;)

At 11 months old:
-You are weighing 19 pounds
-Wearing mostly 9 month stuff still. Some 6-9, 6-12, and 12 month things here and there.
-Size 3 diapers
-Looks like you’re following in your big sister’s tiny footsteps. Meaning you both have ridiculously small feet. You’re finally fitting into  size 3 month shoes!
-You’re up twice a night. Still. Le sigh.
-You’re crawling up the stairs. Rather quickly.
-You love to dance when you hear music.
-You’re blowing kisses and giving kisses
-You love to play in the kitchen cabinets
-Still only saying “dadda” but it’s okay because you’re most definitely a momma’s girl.
-You love cruising furniture
-You are terrified of dogs and most men
-You’re getting better at drinking out of sippy cups! :)
-You are VERY vocal.
-You love giving high-5′s



You are such a curious, determined, sweet girl. And we can already see an ornery side coming out.  I hope you never lose those traits. We love you so very much, Rilyn!

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