Lakyn’s First Stories

2 Aug

Lakyn loves it when Brandon and I tell her crazy, made-up stories. I figured it would only be a matter of time before she’d start telling some of her own.

I figured right. Luckily I had my computer near me and was able to start typing while she rattled off her stories.

Enjoy, they’re gems!

“One day a little monster came running down a pasture. Then there was a little diamond that came running down the pasture. There was a huge huge monster! Rawr! And he ate the kids. Someone called for help and the pasture was empty. And somebody got them out and there were three steps up ahead and they scraped their knees. Then they walked into a house and they were happily ever after. Then end.” 


“Once upon a time, there was everyone in the world. When a huge storm came in they were all frozen in ice. They were home with Tara, and they heard a rumble and they they walked into Tara. And then they jumped into a pee potty. Then they jumped into a poopy potty and then they were all stuck. And then they turned into a queen and a prince and lived happily ever after. The end.

She’s going to hate me for posting these one day. I’ve succeeded as a mother!

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