Rilyn’s First Birthday – A Picnic Theme

29 Aug

I’d had my heart set on a picnic themed first birthday party for you for a few months now. We used the traditional red and white picnic tablecloths, had blankets for the guests to spread out in the yard, and chowed down on typical picnic foods. The colors were the picnic red and white along with pink accents. I had fun with the details in this party. The favors were set out in paper bags tied with red and white string. There was a picture banner set up with snapshots throughout your first year, all strung on red and white ribbon and clipped with wooden clothespins. I had a table set up with bug spray (you’re welcome, guests!) as well as baby pictures of Brandon and me at one year old so everyone could see who you looked like most (your dad). There were toys in the yard for the kids to play with and paper decorations dotted the tree. My favorite was the picnic basket on the food table set up with plates and silverware wrapped in a white napkin and tied with red and white string. But, in true Afton fashion, my original game plan proved to be more than I could chew, leaving me scrapping things on the list minutes before the party. I’m happy with how things turned out, though!

My hope is that years from now, Miss Rilyn, you’ll look back at these pictures and say “Hey Mom, that looked like a great party! Thanks for doing that for me. You must love me a lot! Here, let me do all the laundry, and clean the kitchen, and bathrooms for three whole months to show you how much I appreciate you throwing me such a great party!”

No? Eh, a mom can dream!

We had your party in the backyard, and Mother Nature decided to remind everyone that, yes, it is in fact summertime. It was hot, but I think everyone enjoyed it regardless.

Happy birthday, Sweet Girl! We’ve loved this first year with you!

almost didn’t get a picture of the cupcakes before they were all gone! and of course, cake and cupcakes were dairy, soy, egg free, and delicious.

giving momma a bite

as messy as she got, folks!

oh, i die! this picture is the cutest!

don’t mind Lakyn. she’s going through an awkward smiling phase.

Thank you to everyone that came and helped us celebrate our precious Rilyn’s first year! You mean so much to us!

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