Beef and Cheese Empanadas

6 Dec


Hello, my name is Afton, and I’m a terrible blogger. I seriously need to join Blogging Help Anonymous.  BHA. Is that a real thing? Can that be a real thing? Please?

Now that I have a couple minutes, how bout a new recipe? I found this one courtesy of my Kraft Food magazine. The actual recipe calls for chicken, instead of beef, but I used what I had on hand people and the Hubs said he thinks he actually likes the beef better. Score!

We (even Lakyn) really liked this recipe. The crust is light and flaky, it didn’t take too long to prepare, plus, I made another batch to keep in the freezer for quick lunches or those busy dinner nights. I LOVE recipes I can do that with!

Since I didn’t take any pictures while I was making them, I’ve linked up with the recipe on their site. Bonus: it has a video! Remember that theirs uses chicken, but seriously, use whatever  you fancy.

I can’t wait til Miss L gets bigger and starts helping me in the kitchen. I have a feeling she’ll love rolling the dough and filling the empanadas with me, and who could forget about the ‘crimping’ part?

Enjoy ya’ll!

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