Little Bit Bit: Week 7

16 Feb

Monday, January 2, 2012

How I’m Feeling:

It’s been rough these past couple of weeks. Last Thursday I decided that it would be best if I went ahead and started taking my “morning sickness” medication because I didn’t want to be miserable while family was in town and we were celebrating our Christmas together. Plus, we had grand plans of a super New Year’s Eve buffet, complete with cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. I was making the cheese one and just the thought of melting cheese and the smell of garlic was enough to send me running for the bathroom. It’s so weird how something I love so much normally, is the thing that makes me feel sick the most. I love cheese and I LOVE garlic, and those two things so far this pregnancy are big no-no’s. But people, I wasn’t going to miss out on all that awesome food! Also, we weren’t telling family until Saturday afternoon even though we’d be hanging out with most of them Friday. I didn’t want to be a mopey, pukey mess on Friday. It would have been a major giveaway. So I decided to start with the meds so I could enjoy fun family time and great food. Can you blame me?

My plan is to stop taking the medication tomorrow. Bear with me while I try to explain this. When I was pregnant with Lakyn, I didn’t start taking the meds until I was 15 weeks. I wanted to wait it out until after my first trimester since it typically goes away then. When 12 weeks hit, I was so excited to finally be done feeling this way. I had an appt at the end of my 12th week and my doctor, obviously seeing that I wasn’t feeling any better, told me that sometimes it takes up to the end of the 13th week. She also reminded me that there was always the medicine if I wanted to try it (she brought this up in previous appointments, but I wanted to wait it out). At the end of the 13th week, I was still nauseous all the time and still having trouble keeping things down, and at the end of the 14th week, I had had enough. I’m pretty sure Brandon was more excited than I was to start the meds. It was really hard for him to see me that way, and when I’m miserable, it’s pretty hard for him not to be as well. So I started Zofran and just like a snap of the fingers, everything was back to normal! I didn’t feel nauseous anymore. I could think about food, be around food, smell food without gagging and throwing up. I could ride in a car without having to put my head between my knees. It was glorious and these tiny little pills were now referred to as my “magic pills”. As the pregnancy progressed, I would try to not take the pill to see if I could make it without. Even though I was on the medication until the day I had Lakyn, I was down to only half a pill once a day. That’s progress!

I feel the same way with this baby. I want to wait it out during the first trimester and see if it goes away. If we’re traveling down the same path as my previous pregnancy, then obviously I’ll start taking them again. Plus, the pills are working differently for this pregnancy. With Lakyn they took 100% of the sickness away. With this Jelly Bean, it’s only taking away 50%. That is something I’ve been very frustrated with these last few days. I know what it’s capable of doing, and its just not working that way! Of course, feeling this way constantly makes you think and do ridiculously crazy things. We’ll see what ends up happening.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Tonight was good. We got together with some friends for the K-State bowl game and even though our Cats couldn’t pull off the win, it was a good time. We told our friends Terri and Rachel by having Lakyn wear her ‘Big Sister’ shirt. They, just like the Grandmas, spotted it quickly! I actually felt pretty good that evening. I think it really helps to have distractions!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

I’m still taking the pills. If I’m feeling terrible either way, might as well just take them and help with a little bit of the nausea, right?

It still hasn’t sunk in that we’ve got another little one on the way. Brandon and I decided it must be that we have Lakyn and she’s our main priority right now. She’s where our focus is, so the fact that there’s a teeny tiny baby in my tummy still hasn’t completely settled itself in my brain yet.

This week ended in a very interesting way. I’m seriously still in awe. I texted my neighbor Sarah tonight to ┬átell her the new lights they installed outside their house looked really good. She texted back with her thanks, then texted me right back again with this…’I've been meaning to ask you, is there something you need to tell me?’


I instantly ran to Brandon and checked Facebook to see who had posted something on my wall about the new baby. There was nothing. Not a single thing anywhere. At this point I decided to call her to see exactly what she was talking about. She proceeds to tell me that she’s been having dreams this week about being pregnant. Her exact words were, “and I’m definitely not, so that means someone close to me is. Is there something you need to tell me?” I laughed nervously and kept saying things like, “so weird” and “that’s crazy”, but I never came out and said yes or no.


She says, “But then last night, I had a very vivid dream that we came over for Lakyn’s birthday party and she was wearing a ‘Big Sister’ shirt.”


After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I made Sarah look out her bedroom window (which faces our kitchen window) as I held up Lakyn’s ‘Big Sister’ shirt. We had a good laugh about it for a while, but seriously ya’ll, how weird is that?!

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  1. Terri February 20, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    OK that is CRAZY!!!!!!!

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